Fall fashion thoughts for my upcoming tour

I have some new input about my clothing style.

I did a photo shoot last week with a part time photographer whose main work has been in women's clothing.

He has an eye for clothes that is educated and thorough.

I like that he's near my own age so he knows about all the fashion ideas I've lived through.

He brought in a stylist to work with me.

I have only had bad experiences working with stylists, and I've only worked with maybe two or three.

But they always seemed to be putting me down even as they were supposed to be fixing me up.

I remember a young female stylist turning to the male photographer and making a dismissive hand gesture towards me, saying, "look, there's only so much I can do".

That same stylist also disgustedly proclaimed, "we can't photograph her in pants, it's going to have to be long skirts, that's the best we can do."

I guess she thought I wasn't an easy person to take pictures of.

But I remember at that time seeing all these gorgeous photos of Oprah Winfrey and they talked about how you can make anyone look beautiful in photos.

Okay, well, fifteen years later in my career, here I am having a wonderful experience working with a stylist and a photographer and getting lots of great useable photos that I'm excited to show the world.

The stylist is a woman around my age, maybe a bit older, I'm not sure.

She deals in vintage clothes.

They are helping me get a new vision going for the upcoming Europe tour in September, and for the new phase of my career that we can just feel is going to begin when this new album launches later next month.

I'm going to be ready!

I had told the photographer that my new album is all these old songs by great songwriters that I loved as I was learning about songwriting throughout my childhood.

I told them that there are one or two songs from each songwriter, but that there are three Bob Dylan songs.

I also said I wanted it to all feel like the cover of the Bob Dylan Desire album.

The photographer enlisted the vintage clothing maven and stylist, and they came up with these outfits for me to wear.

Everything fit very well and was something I should have thought of, but didn't.

By the end of the session there was one long skirt and blouse combination that I loved so much.

They had me wear my own suede fringe jacket over everything, and it worked great.

It sounds fun to me to go to Europe in my fringe jacket this Fall.

That's something I've never done.

The suede fringe is something from the Native Tribes of North America, it isn't a European tradition, I don't think.

So it would be very American, but in a very grounded way, to wear a prairie dress and a fringe jacket on tour.

This is the direction I'm headed in right now and we'll see if it makes any sense.

I hope so because it's like something I used to love, used to wear, used to see myself as, but it's a new twist, all new items and interpretations of my things I've had for many years.

The stylist gave me the long skirt and the blouse as a gift at the end of the shoot.

I'm hoping to maybe be able to afford a few more pieces from her.

I want a couple of long dresses too.

And a light colored felt hat.

And a choker of many colored stones on heavy tarnished metal.

I'll wear my Frye boots, of course, and my fringe jacket.

And that'll be my new beginning of something I've been dreaming of all my life.

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