Europe tour plans are working out

This upcoming Europe tour is no easy feat.

Independent artists have a hard time doing everything ourselves.

This tour is coming together nicely now.

Some issues wait until the last minute every time.

If you want people in foreign lands to help you, you have to give them time to realize that you need their help.

Of course everyone always hopes that something else will work out and that they won't have to help at all.

And usually they get their wish and someone else steps forward or in this case, I just find a way and pay for everything and set everything up myself.

But when there isn't enough money up front to just go ahead and book hotel rooms all over the Continent, then I have to use the wait and pray method.

And people start realizing that I'm just waiting and praying.

And they start to step forward.

This time, my favorite club in Brussels, Cafe Bizon, has offered to book us two nights at an airbnb for $50 per night.

In Brussels this is an incredible opportunity.

I could never afford to have us all stay in Brussels at all.

We had to stay in peoples' homes, Rob and me as a duo, and that was very nice, really very delightful in many ways.

But to be in the downtown area for two nights and be able to walk the Grand Place at Midnight after our performance!

This will be a luxury I have not been able to afford for some time now.

This makes me feel that touring in Europe is gradually becoming what I have envisioned.

When the venues provide accommodations because they are excited that you're coming and they want you to be there.

This is the dream for me.

I want to be welcomed with open arms.

This is a scenario I have had to earn every step of the way and it's starting to work.


Today I play a street show 11am -1pm on Hennepin Avenue sponsored by the Hennepin Theater Trust.

Later I rehearse with my trio for tomorrow's big opportunity, opening for the touring band with the new record deal, at First Avenue's small stage 7th Street Entry.

I want to wear something really cool.

I haven't decided what that should be yet.

A lot of good things today.

Love to you whatever comes your way today.

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