Ely, Minnesota all week as artist in residence, concert Friday!

First of all, the concert is at Northern Grounds in Ely, MN 7pm this Friday the 20th in celebration of my new album coming out world wide on the internet, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

The CD is still the best because it has the booklet with the notes on why I chose each song, and I didn't type that up anywhere on line so I know for sure you can't read it anywhere except if you buy the CD...from me....at the shows. I love that. 

Also, when I'm up in Ely I'll have the whole time to myself and I plan to write a whole bunch of new handwritten small books to have at my shows.

Those little books mean a lot to me, and I've had fans tell me that they mean a lot to them too.

I have about thirty blank ones right now.

I have a new set of pens and a new set of stickers too.

I'm really grateful to several fans who have made specific contributions for me to buy new pens and stickers, and some people have bought me stacks of the blank Moleskin books too.

So I am set up and ready to write!

I want to have a nice new assortment for my merch table on tour.

The Europe tour begins in one week!

Life for me right now is suddenly moving fast.

I feel ready.

I want to follow through on everything I've always hoped would happen with my music.

I want to be ready and feel excited.

This time in Ely seems like I'm being forced to have quiet time right before the tour.

It's weird because I would never have planned to go up North for a week before a tour, never.

But this is the gift of the award I won up there, and I've added a concert at the end of the week, so here I go.

And now it seems like the perfect thing to do.

So, either come to the show in Ely or come to the shows in Europe, or come to something back in Minneapolis when I return.

If you're none of those places, I'll be in Upstate New York later in October for five shows around that region, solo.

If you aren't there either, leave me a comment and tell me where to come and play that's near you.

I plan to do a lot of touring in the coming months, so make a suggestion and I'll follow up with you.

Thank you!

Love to all.

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