eight a.m. and calm down

Okay it's eight a.m.

"You need to calm down, you need to just stop"

Taylor Swift lyric going in my brain now.

In the middle of the night I wrote the blog post right before this one.

A hair puller.

I also posted on social media a very cute new photo of myself drinking a margarita.

My daughter Nina did a little photo shoot with me yesterday at noon and I forgot all about that fun margarita I had.

You can look at any of my social media sites this morning and see the fun photo.

And I'm getting the damn puppy so everybody just stand aside.

And for those of you who were supportive or didn't have too much to say on this subject, thank you.

Today I run all around doing two live radio shows.

I get to sing and have an interview on both.

So much fun.

Then I get to go to one of my favorite restaurants tonight to have dinner with one of my favorite friends and a great supporter of my career.

Sunday at 7pm we go get the puppy.

I feel like once we get the puppy my life will enter a new phase and Spring will come and the Sun will shine.

It's possible I'll be wrong.

But that's what I'm hoping for.

If you feel good and you're having fun, then things work out.

Yes, I think so.

Try to have some fun today.

I'm an Aquarius and I just recently read a funny thing about each sign and my sign said "constantly narrating everything".

That's so weird because I feel that I really am doing that.

Everything that comes towards me gets spun into a story, or spun into the fabric of an ongoing narrative.

This is why I love this daily blog.

I just love to sit here weaving the fabric.

I just love it.

Okay, again, do something fun today.

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