each day is a new adventure

I have so many shows that I can't get behind the next one until the last one is over.

And each show deserves full attention.

Luckily I've learned about this kind of one day at a time approach from being on tour.

The six week tour Rob G and I did in early 2018 when we did all of Germany and The Netherlands and Belgium and then still crossed on the Chunnel and did another two weeks in the UK, that tour almost killed us but it taught me how to take each day as it came.

This is so much much much easier than touring because most of the shows are close enough to come back to my own bed at night.

And my little dog and my daughter Nina are here at the house, and Rob is either here or at his studio.

All is right with the world every morning.

I just get my mind around the next show and go play it.

Last night was my first hotel lounge show here in Minneapolis.

I loved it!

I wore my beige suede over the knee boots and my mod print mini dress with the bell sleeves.

I wore big tortoise shell print hoop earrings.

My Guyatone guitar took on a very nice lounge-y vibe with it's pale colors and turquoise suede strap.

I did my own sound set up and I got a good tone going.

People were coming up and talking to me about my guitar a lot, saying it looked and sounded so cool.

Very rewarding evening.

Also some people came up to tell me what a great singing voice I have.

Just saying, I have really improved my performance abilities because people didn't used to come up like that necessarily.

Also, the people hanging out in the downtown hotel lounge were from all over the world, and that was delightful too.

Today my show is at a very progressive coffeehouse that has it's own radio station "Radio Five Watt" at the Five Watt Coffee house on East Hennepin.

Another new experience, another completely different environment.

I'm ready!

Tomorrow I drive due North to Grand Marais, one of the most majestic locales in all the state of Minnesota.

It's on the glorious Lake Superior.

I have a small one room modern gem of a guest house/cabin to myself up in the high rocky hills overlooking the massive lake.

I'll be playing a solo concert at a super duper place called Wunderbar...a fun "glamping" style resort with little campers set up on the wooded property and a big old lodge with a full kitchen and a big stage in one room.

And I'll be playing live on the radio station in studio up there, WTIP.

I drive back Sunday.....I have all of Sunday off so I can get coffee on Lake Superior and walk the beautiful shoreline before I make the five-six hour drive back home.

I'm loving this, people.

I am all gratitude and love right now.

This is what I always wanted.

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