There's a new thing called DePop and I'm getting on board for 2020!

It's a way to sell clothes that are really special to people who love special clothes.

I like special clothes a lot.

My Swedish grandparents designed clothes, and costumes, and designed costumes for the Chicago Opera Company.

My Italian/German grandparents loved clothes too, and my grandmother helped run a very good dress shop in Chicago.

My children who were home over Christmas were telling me that they thought I'd like being involved with DePop.

They thought I'd be good at running my own little closet shop on line.

So I started mine today, this morning, with their help.

I put about ten things up to sell.

The most expensive one was sold by this evening all ready!

I'm psyched!

I really enjoyed choosing things from my closet, and it's a very different experience from bringing clothes to the thrift shop in town.

The thrift shop doesn't give more than ten to thirty dollars, so I didn't bring them anything really great of mine.

I have felt, up until now, that I had to keep anything I had that was very good quality even if I didn't use it any more, because it would be wrong to give it to a charity or to a thrift shop that didn't recognize the value of the piece.

With DePop I can explain why the piece I'm selling is so nice, and I can charge what I think is right for it.

My first item I sold was expensive but it was worth it.

Anyway, you can look up my items under @cyasmineh on DePop.

I hope it works out because it's a great way to recycle quality things and get them into the hands of people who can appreciate them.

It's December the 26th, in England they call it Boxing Day, and I believe that means that you box things up to give to charity.

This is a fun way to move forward for me and I'm really happy to have discovered it, with the help of my cool kids.

Onward and upward, or as the British also like to say, keep calm and carry on. 

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