core desired feelings

Core desired feelings....I read a book recently about how to achieve your core desired feelings.

First you have to figure out what makes you feel the best, and then you have to set up situations and conditions for situations that will give you those feelings.

If you do all of this all the time you will experience the joy of living.

And you'll be glad you were born and you will want to take good care of yourself and everyone around you so the whole thing can continue for as long as possible.

So there ya go.

You're welcome.

That's all there is to it.

Last night I did it.

I played the music I wanted to play with the people I wanted to play it with.

We made the sound system sound good.

We made people feel happy.

We made people feel like they were glad they were there with us.

I felt euphoric.

I wore this crazy pale pink Sixties vintage midi length dress with my newest vintage Frye platform boot acquisition. 

The clothes are always a big part of it for me.

I have been getting all these wonderful things and some very stimulating styling advice from "Girl Genius Vintage" aka Marlis Schmidt.

I recently read that Dolly Parton says she was told many times to wear more conservative clothese so that people would take her songwriting and her talent more seriously.

Her answer was "I could do that but it wouldn't be any fun for me".

I like that she addresses very frankly that she's dressing up because she just wants to.

I want to too.

I always have.

Not Dolly's stye, but my style, whatever that's turning out to be.

Anyway, last night was great and it was mostly because I felt appreciated by the big crowd of fun people.

I felt that they understood me and my pink dress and my Guyatone guitar and my songs and my voice.

We had fun together.

I loved it so much.

This is core desired feelings really working.

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