connecting through this blog

I'm connecting with people through this blog, no doubt about it.

I'm so happy to see that this is happening.

I think committing to a daily communication is what does it for this kind of thing.

Random, every once in a while, is harder for people to get behind.

I'm going to be starting fresh this new year.

Starting fresh but not starting from scratch.

I'm building from the foundation I've created so far.

I have my book, I have newly printed CDs, and my red vinyl, versions of my recordings.

I have a good foundation for my live performances, with my signature guitars and my strong voice.

I have the wonderful guys here in Minneapolis to call on for band performances.

I have a refurbished closet full of clothing pieces that delight me and make me feel special when I wear them, on and off stage.

I have my many songs that I've written that I own the rights to, some of which have been used in movies and television in the past year.

I have a calendar which is already promising with a sprinkling of noteworthy dates for 2020 in Minneapolis and beyond.

I have my new practice of writing handwritten small books for my fans to purchase on my merch table at shows, and this will continue with a brand new collection in January.

I have the stories to tell; stories about my family, my childhood, my music journey, my touring, my songwriting.

I have many supportive people around me, in and out of the music business.

I have my hope, my enthusiasm, my health, my dreams, to propel me forward.

I have this blog as a communication tool and as a spiritual practice.

I endeavor to be completely honest, I say what's truly in my heart and on my mind.

I say it in a small corner of the internet where no one has to look if they don't want to, but anyone can who's curious or interested.

I also have the three social media sites, facebook, instagram, and twitter, which I use daily to varying degrees of success.

All of my sites have over two thousand followers, some have five thousand.

The majority of those followers may not see or care to see my efforts, and the numbers are of only so much value in and of themselves.

All of this is good but it doesn't necessarily add up to something bigger than the sum of it's parts ...yet.

So the new year has it's challenges for my journey.

In my goal to have this career be self-sustaining and in my goal to be solvent, there is going to be room for improvement.

Playing many small shows that make little or no money is no longer an option.

I've proven to myself that if I continue to play many small shows, my bigger performances will seem less special.

The bigger performances mean the most to me, they're my dream coming true.

The small performances hurt.

So no more.

The goal will be to bring my journey to a new plateau, a grassy sunny open clearing after hiking in dense woods now for some time.

Daisies in tall grass, a deer grazing in the distance.

A place of calm joy.

A place of safety and contentment.

I'm there already, I could say.

In my daily life, with my happy little home, I'm there.

One way to move forward into beautiful new territory is to share some of my skills and lessons in a new format.

I am thinking of writing some chapters for a new book, a book that is something like my small handwritten books, for the inspiration of the reader.

Maybe the book is about how to rise above the outside world's noise and live your best life inside your own creative mindset.

Instead of being a fighter of terrible ugly things, I choose to be a champion of honesty and the pursuit of kindness and love.

Maybe a book about how to rise above envy, discouragement, isolation, negativity, would be helpful.

I'm going to try my hand at a few chapters and see what I get.

Then maybe the chapters get printed up as a book that I can have on my merch table this year.

Then maybe that becomes a new way of thinking for me to share with the world.

That's one of my ideas for the new year.

I have many ideas and plenty of time.

Writing costs me nothing.

Drawing pictures costs me nothing, I have paper.

Making handwritten small books costs me nothing, I have the blank books, given to me by fans.

Please come with me on this journey.

I appreciate your suggestions and your support.

Everything you've done for me has mattered up until now and will going forward.

From now on I'm going to include this link at the bottom of my posts, just to say that every little bit helps.

I want to do this and I want to survive as I do this.




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