CDs are valuable to some people, including me.

My car has a CD player.

I prefer to use it over all other ways I can listen to music.

I like holding the packaging and looking at the packaging.

I like seeing how the CD face is decorated.

I like seeing if there's a booklet or any other cool stuff included.

I like putting it in and hearing it the way they made it...sometimes too soft or too loud compared to other stuff.

Spotify and other streaming services smooths out those differences.

I like knowing that it's only going to stop playing when I stop it.

I don't like listening on my phone...or through my phone hooked up to my car...and then I'm also trying to get navigation from the phone..and I'm also getting phone calls and texts on that same phone.

Too much.

I love a turntable and a big table to lay out the vinyl and take a good look at the record covers.

That's my very favorite but I have neither time nor space for that right now.

Rob G just got a new vintage turntable set up for his studio and I love it.

All to say that some people have been ordering my new "Songs From The Open Road" album, which is awesome.

Some of them have been ordering it from me directly, asking me to mail them a CD.

I love that.

One thing I'm doing this morning is mailing CDs to fans.


If you want an autographed copy of any of my albums, you Paypal me $20 and I send you the real deal.

Additional albums are $10 if you want more than one.

Isn't that great?

I'm grateful and excited about that.

Nina and I continue with the Adriene HOME series of yoga videos ( ) this morning at 9a.m. sharp.

We are meeting in Rob's living room for this daily event and it's going great.

I'm still using two bathroom towels instead of a yoga mat because every cent is going to pay the basic bills right now.

I'm also going to attempt to pull together one more armload of clothes for the thrift shop this afternoon to help pay the heat bill this week.

That's okay, it's all going in the right direction and I have faith.

If you scroll back, I added a second post on this blog last night.

I have ideas brewing still for a new album of new songs.

I don't have it pinpointed yet, but it's coming.

The idea is that the songs would have to be meaningful.

Very meaningful songs.

Very necessary.

Very hard to write.

Very important for the world right now.

We need singers and songwriters who speak in powerful meaningful ways, not only young new artists, not only established older artists, but artists who are in the middle of it, who are not rich with success and admiration but who are carving out lives that are being affected by the rules that apply to the masses.

Most music artists may be afraid to alienate half their potential audience by taking a stand.

I'm not because I have nothing to lose.

I'm not talking about wasting my breath squabbling over the two party system in the USA.

I'm talking about saying something bigger that matters.

All I know is that Bob Dylan sidestepped all political conversations and still said what needed to be said.

I am praying for guidance.

I'm praying to be led.

In prose and in song, I want to make a difference this year.


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