bunnies...and lots of shows

There are bunnies now in Rob's big backyard.

Where did they come from?

How did they know?

Nina and I have planted some wonderful things this summer and Rob's city lot fenced in backyard is turning into a pastoral wonderland.

And now there are bunnies.

So far, we've seen a big one with powerful long legs and tall keen ears, earlier on in the Spring.

Then I watched a medium sized round fluff ball with a with cotton tail slowly hop all around the yard, sniffing at Nina's carrot patch, nibbling the raspberries, examining the squash blossoms and the ripening tomatoes.

The medium sized bunny then came and sat right under my chair while I was typing my blog.

He sat right under my chair on the low wooden deck platform.


Then he slowly hopped off to see the rosemary plants.

Then he came back and sat right under my chair a second time.

Then he left the yard by some mysterious exit, possibly through a hole in the earth near the back fence I think.

Now apparently, there is a very small new bunny as well.

Nina reported last night when I got home that a very small bunny with very small new bunny ears and tiny feet and a tiny white cotton tail, she said no bigger than a chipmunk which is not much larger than a hamster was in the yard yesterday afternoon nibbling the clover in the section of the yard that we have now designated to be natural prarie grass and wildflowers. There's a lot of clover there that's blossoming pink and white and pale lavender.

But how did the bunnies know to come here?

Did the other yards near us have bunnies and they just never came to our yard because we didn't have anything good?

Was it the gourmet lettuce selection we planted earlier this Spring that first lured them?

Could they smell our new garden from far away or did they come through every once in a while all along, just checking to see if we'd gotten up off our lazy asses and planted them anything good to eat?

Also, is it possible that bunnies manifest from Heaven or from the center of the Earth where ever there is a good ecosystem for them?

What if that's how it is?

That bunnies and butterflies and chipmunks just appear where ever there are favorable conditions...like wild mushrooms.

"..for whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name, there is love...."

Well, I just hope they keep coming.

I don't care if they nibble on everything.

I love them.

I'm sitting out at the umbrella table right now so that I can watch in case either the littlest bunny, or the bigger bunny, or the biggest bunny comes to visit.

Also, I have a lot of shows so check my calendar and my social media streams and come say hello!

Have a beautiful summer day for yourself.

I'm going to ride my bicycle around Lake Harriet after I finish my coffee.

Tonight I play at the Finnish Bistro and you should come.

Love and beauty are everywhere.

Find something beautiful that you can love and encourage it to grow.

That's how you and I are going to save the world.

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