Last night's porch show was a total bullzzzzeye!

Rob was great, I was pretty great, the sold out audience on the lawn was great.

Greatness all around.

The songs were great.

I only wrote about half of the songs we played, but I don't care about that.

I care that the songs have the right feeling, the right meaning, for our changing times.

I think we really spoke through the collection of songs we chose.

I play some different songs when Rob's on board because I can do more with certain songs when there's the backbeat and the harmonies.

What other people think is just as important as what I think when it comes to these performances of course.

I've received several messages from people who were there last night.

There were about twenty people.

The feedback was all the same, which is meaningful as well.

They loved having Rob there.

They thought I had more energy because of Rob's drums and singing, and presence.

They thought the harmonies sounded great.

They all noticed that no one talked at all during the music.

They thought the words came through with a lot of meaning.

Best of all, several people who've seen me play before, and some who've seen me play for ten years, said this was my best show yet.

My best show yet.

That's the best thing of all.

I'm moving forward towards something and people can see it in the performance.

I feel it, and they see it.

It's a feeling of honesty and appreciation, and it translates through to the audience.

It's a look, a feeling, a sound.

It's not just my confidence, it's my joy.

It's not just my joy, it's my respect for Rob and for my audience.

It's appreciation for the words of the songs.

The songs as a whole say everything I have to say.

I can't say any of that in a speech.

I'd have to talk about my childhood memories, my past loves, my desires, my ambition, my discouragement, my yearning for spiritual communion, my admiration for the work of Bob Dylan, my love for my children, my love of Nature and the Great North Woods, my gratitude, my recklessness, my past issues with money, my love of going on tour.

That doesn't even cover it, and just naming those things doesn't bring us to our knees.

It's the songs and the singing, the poetic manifestation of all of this in the strange ephemeral way that is like the butterflies, the fireflies, the shooting stars, the Luna Moth on the screen door in the early morning.

It's illusive but it's powerful.

Songs and singing.

I can't get enough of it.

I am so so so grateful I can put on a good show.

More of that.

Much more of that.

Happy Sunday!

I'm going to ride my bicycle, read my Sunday New York Times and walk my darling curly headed Poodle boy.

And I'm going to give Rob a big kiss when he wakes up for being such a hero.



  • Petra Schmidt
    Petra Schmidt Bremen
    WOW Courtney! This makes me so happy to read. Congratulations! I hope you gave Rob a really big kiss and got one from him, too! Keep going and follow your heart.

    WOW Courtney!
    This makes me so happy to read. Congratulations!
    I hope you gave Rob a really big kiss and got one from him, too!
    Keep going and follow your heart.

  • Courtney Yasmineh
    Courtney Yasmineh
    Petra! Thank you! Yes! We shall rock!!!

    Petra! Thank you! Yes! We shall rock!!!

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