blacklisting in Minneapolis

There's a new movement gaining a lot of traction in Minneapolis.

Young women are naming names of men who've harmed them.

I don't want to add my voice.

I probably shouldn't because I don't know any of the men whose names are being mentioned and I don't know any of the women coming forward.

They're music community people, but they aren't people I've worked with personally.

It's none of my business maybe.

I do care about justice though, and I do care about the society I live in and how it operates.

Blacklisting people is taking justice in your own hands.

We can't trust our current judicial systems to do right by women or people of color.

So we're taking matters in our own hands.

But these men being named have no proper recourse, no way of being innocent until proven guilty.

They have no way of doing penance and returning to society for a new start.

Social media is an international forum so they're being "cancelled" worldwide.

Well, it seems like stoning someone in the town square to me.

It's a very primitive form of justice at best.

At worst it's defamation of character and slander.

Where does compassion go in these instances?

All the compassion is with these young women right now.

They're being told they can make their statements, name their perpetrators, and their statements will not be questioned.

The women will be believed and that's important and great and empowering.

I have daughters in their twenties.

But I also have a son in his twenties.

I think of how I would want any of my children treated for their indiscretions.

Well, it's a damn quagmire we create when our justice system fails, and when our society doesn't show equal respect for all people.

Blacklisting emerges when groups of people feel that they can't trust the systems in place.

I have had many threatening encounters with men in my long life and long music career.

I've also been treated very badly by my own brother when I was only nine years old, and by a man I was involved with when I was in my thirties.

I have no idea what to make of it all.

I don't want to wear head to toe coverage so heterosexual men can't look at me.

And, also, I've been treated with cruelty by gay men in music as well, so there's that.

And other women have treated me badly in music and in life too.


"..she had done a lot of bad things even once tried suicide, she was looking to do just one good deed before she died.."

that's Bob Dylan's Jack Of Hearts.

I'm going to stay in my lane of love, hope, positivity.

Ever since I got my wheels firmly placed on the road to salvation, I haven't been treated badly by anybody.

As you get older it gets a lot easier, that's for sure.

Okay, I'm going for a bicycle ride and tonight is my porch show with the Polish Wonder himself!

See you there!



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