billowing smoke to the East and to the West

Unbelievable to me that this rioting continues.

People are more and more saying that White Supremacists have come into our cities and are causing the damages to small businesses owned by Black people.

Unbelievable turn of events if it's true.

It sounds like it is true.

How hard is it to stop these people?

It must be much harder than I would have thought because there's billowing smoke to the East and to the West.

They've destroyed big important institutions like the post office and a bank.

Why can't The Authorities stop them before this happens?

I keep seeing, as I ride my bicycle around town, whole lines of Authorities in full riot gear standing shoulder to shoulder across intersections.

What are they doing that for?

Why aren't they running around arresting people who are starting buildings on fire?

If it was my job to direct these many armed men, I would give them more to do than stand around looking like Star Wars characters.

Maybe they can't even move because they have so much stuff on.

This is not how you apprehend the wicked.

I'm all for the protests against racial inequality.

I stand with the Black community 100% in their every endeavor to achieve equality and reparations.

What is happening now on our city streets seems to be outside of that narrative, not constructive, not helpful in any way.

I'm gardening with Tobi and Rob Genadek today and tomorrow.

Gardening is positive and joyous.

I love Minneapolis, but honestly, things have to be sorted out, rooted out, revised, regrouped, reconsidered.

I'm working on the best songs I can possibly write.

That's my job.

Love to you today!

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