billowing smoke in the early morning

I'm up at five this morning, went down to make a coffee for myself, opened the back door like I always do to see the garden.

Billowing smoke from the businesses to the North a mile or two away, set fire the past two nights by evil doers.

Some say the police hired agent provocateurs, agent saboteurs, to come in and start the arson and looting.

Some say the police set off the firecrackers to make things seem more chaotic.

Some say the federal government has created the whole situation in our city with a larger plot to declare martial law across the land.

Conspiracy theories abound.

Conspiracies trace all the way to the counterfeit twenty dollar bill, George Floyd's being singled out, the police men acting as they did, even as they knew they were being filmed, murdering an unarmed Black citizen.

Assassin's eyes on the police man who knelt on top of George Floyd's neck as he murdered him.

So unflinching as if he was determined to kill him, as if this was the plan all along.

Then the peaceful protesters, marching from the grocery store to the precinct, harmless enough, many of them musicians I know.

Suddenly storefronts being smashed, but none of the protesters were dressed in riot gear with special masks for tear gas.

None of the protesters had hammers for smashing storefronts.

The person with the big hammer came walking stealthily from the precinct building and smashed the first windows of the Auto Zone store.

The peaceful protesters were shocked and told that guy to stop.

Many of them were very aware that this guy looked like he was part of the police force and so they watched him, photographed him, filmed him, followed him.

They watched him walk back to the precinct.




Where are these swirling conspiracies going to take the world?

And our nation's president saying that if there's looting "we'll start shooting".

What does he mean?

Such an immensely strange time.

If you're a songwriter, you sort of live for this kind of thing.

You can't write all your songs about gardening or about sitting on the porch strumming your guitar and having a glass of rosé.

You gotta have something to get riled up about.

George Floyd.

Violent police men who kill people they don't like for no good reason.

These terrible acts by our fellow countrymen can change history.

Terrible times can help us shift and become better.

Maybe we can change for the better now.


I'm going out to ride my bicycle.

I'm going to ride around and look at the damages.

All the fires and all the destruction is within a three mile radius of where we live.

On a bicycle I can probably get pretty close to the crime scenes.

Rob said to me, "Go very early if you're going to go. Wear your mask so you don't breathe in a lot of smoke."

The smoke from burning buildings is very toxic.

I'm sure the air quality right now in my neighborhood is very bad.

There have been helicopters all night and I hear them right now, still, circling.

What are they doing?

Maybe they're the eye-witness news people.

Maybe they're part of the National Guard support.

Apparently there were National Guard members on horseback yesterday.

I saw photos of them.

Bringing horses into these scenes of madness doesn't seem right at all.


So many people.

So many ideas, so many ways of doing things.

Right and wrong aren't relative, they're not negotiable.

And yet, the grey areas prevail.

We can't have it all be sunshine and roses though, not when some are oppressed.

There will be no clean air, no sunshine, no flowers blooming, until all are free.

We might have thought we had that in America, but we were wrong.

Tragic deep torturous growing pains.

George Floyd did not die in vain.

He is a saint now who gave his life to help set his people free.

May the day finally come when America lives up to the original promise.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Let's make it that we have nothing to sing about except, "Don't worry, be happy"!


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