Big World Show This Saturday Night

I'm broadcasting live to the world this Saturday night 7-9:30pm.

You can tune in by going to my Youtube channel.

You can tune in my going to the HOME page of this website.

You can tune in by going to my Facebook page.

I'll have the exact link up and running by around 5pm the evening of the show.

We're filming at Rob G's Uptown Sound Recording Studio which is a very silent and soulful place like a catacombs because it's in the lower lower level of an old building in the city.

I think Rob will play a couple of songs with me too.

Rob's assistant Josh will be helping as well.

The three of us already have each other's germs.

Maybe I'll bring Tobi the puppy, but he could ruin the show...or steal the show!...with his antics.

He can be a real crowd pleaser.

Maybe Nina would bring him to the show for a little while and then bring him home.

I'll ask her.

I set up a "ticketing" link for the show.

Of course you don't need a ticket at all, you can watch it all over the internet for free that evening and any time after.

There will be a permanent film of the whole show on my youtube channel (listed above).

So the "tickets" are being sold here

If 100 people tune in to the show and they each pay ten dollars for a ticket, I'll make my goal of $1000.

That amount buys me another month of coffee and puppy food and bill paying that keeps the bankruptcy lawyer away from the door.

My Google analytics tell me that a thousand people a day on average read this blog.

If some of you are willing and able to buy a ticket and watch my show, I'll be okay for another month.

The show itself will be a great gift to me, truly.

I miss the songs, I miss the music.

I miss my electric guitar.

I play a little red beat up acoustic guitar when I'm at've seen's the one I use for the street shows in summer with the little red wagon.

But I want to get out my good guitars and really play!

SO the plan is to set everything up by four or five on Saturday, then go eat some pizza, then come back and start the show at 7pm sharp.

The live link will be up and ready so you can be sure you've got the right thing by five.

I'm very excited to do this.

If you're watching from Europe, what time will it be?

It'll be like 1 in the morning for you.

So, that's why we'll put the whole show up as a permanent video on my youtube channel after the show.

I want this to be really nice.

If it is, I foresee doing it once a month...maybe always.

It's a nice way to stay connected to distant fans, and I have a lot of distant fans.

Whether you're in Bremen or Brussels or Swindon or Panama or Ely or New Orleans, we'll be together.


This is what's on my mind today.


[the money stuff is a separate discussion, and I want to give those of you who are interested an update about that...this morning I have meetings with two more phone..getting their opinions about my finances....but I have taken every last cent out of my bank account which is $1300 right now..I have it in cash in my bedroom...and I'm going to pay each minimum payment only $25 and call each company explaining my situation. I pay the three utilities for Rob's house since I don't pay rent, that was our deal, so that's some of it...they're all caught up right now but this time I'll only give $25 to each one...the rest of my debt is all with USBank and it's all in three lines of credit that I had from way back when I was a rich doctor's wife and didn't take the lifetime support because I didn't think it was right..I still don't..I want to succeed on my own...more than ever I believe I bankruptcy is a last resort to get out from under a $30,000 debt to USBank that charges me $700 in minimum monthly payments...I've paid them $30,000 in payments over the last five years...and the debt never goes down because I haven't made enough money yet to pay more than that....and now with all my shows cancelled for the foreseeable future I can't pay them at all...but bankruptcy is more for people who have a lot of debts all over the place I think..and not for someone with just a big debt to their own we'll see, there may be another way....thinking and talking and being honest as always and praying and believing....and above all else...holding the Great Shining Dream like a Star in front of me showing the Way]


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