beauty every morning and lessons every day

I will relish the morning.

I will be still in the silence.

I will acknowledge my divine right to beauty.

The garden is lush.

Love is in my home.

Health abides with us.

I know the affirmations that bring personal power.

"I will release the need to delay my good".

My daughter taught me that yesterday.

You can purposely, even if subconsciously, delay the glory of God in your life because your life will feel cracked open and out of control.

Over this past weekend I did something I wouldn't have done.

I said yes to going on a small hike in the woods to a big beautiful natural waterfall.

I wanted to see the waterfall very much.

But in the recent past I would stayed back because I was having an afternoon performance.

I would have told myself that I couldn't risk falling down, getting out of breath, getting stung by an insect, whatever.

I said yes and everything flowed.

Like a waterfall.

Everything just flowed, one minute into the next.

I obeyed the signs, I said yes to the invitations, I enjoyed life.

And everything worked out.

Nobody got hurt, nobody was late.

Joy and prosperity flow.

Joy and the relishing of moments, the relishing of blessings go hand in hand.

"All things are mine for I am loved, how can I keep from singing?"

That hymn I sing at my concerts was a revelation for me.

The audacity to say "all things are mine" is enough to put my mother into a rage.

The second part, "because I am loved", is enough to make her melt like the Wicked Witch Of The West.

If I stand before my mother and say those words right to her face, like,

"Hey Mom, guess what. All things are mine cuz I am loved".

She will drop her broomstick and drop to her knees and start wailing, "I'm  melting, I'm melting".

Fortunately for her and for me, I don't need to take revenge.

The best revenge is living well, they say.

Maybe an even better form of revenge is love and forgiveness.

Love and forgiveness are no fun when you want to pick a fight.

The last time my Mom said something really mean to me about "getting a real job", which was actually yesterday, I told her that I forgive her for not understanding and I love her anyway.


She said, "Oh, oh okay Courtney, don't pull that with me."

She thought it was a tactic.

A tactic in mother daughter warfare.

But I'm not in that game any more and I do truly love my mother and I don't care that she says things to me that are meant to dim my light.

My light is so bright it can't be dimmed by nothing or nobody.

If my mother hadn't been so discouraging to me I might have done more with my life but I might have done less.

A great Black woman, a professional singer with a voice connected straight to God, asked me two days ago why I chose the parents I did.

Isn't that an awesome question?

I answered that I think I'm the kind of soul who has a lot of lessons to learn still and I needed some evil to rail against to bring out the best in me.

I don't need to prove people wrong now, and I don't need to work myself to death to pay the minimum monthly payments on my debts.

My motivations are positive and pure.

There are visions I have of things I want to create.

And there are people whose faces shine before me in my mind as I'm creating, people I know are looking forward to enjoying my next creation.

How about that for motivation?

The morning is my favorite time and the mornings right now in Minnesota are exquisite.

I will relish the day.

I will be grateful for each moment, and soak up all the beauty and bounty around me.

I repotted some herbs yesterday.

I broke up their tangled roots that had become too tight in their too small pot.

I thought that ripping their old bound up root systems apart and replanting them in fresh potting soil might kill them.

But low and behold, this morning they're glowing with radiant joy in their new terra cotta pots on the back patio.

A new perspective, a breaking free of old ways that bind you, hobble you, keep you from your best life.

I will release the need to delay my good.

Have a beautiful day and relish your many gifts.

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