Band practice!

I had a band rehearsal last night!

Band practice is one of those really fun things in the whole world for me.

For my last album I envisioned a band but it never materialized.

I think I needed to get stronger by playing all these solo shows.

I'm strong now.

Maybe that band has finally arrived in my life.

Rob G recruited two new guys to play a show with me this coming Friday night in Northfield, MN.

Rob wasn't going to be available that night, and neither were any of my other usual players.

June is a very busy month for people.

So, even though I have a trio show on June 28th with Rob and JJ, I still suddenly needed a whole new band for this coming Friday because this venue wanted at least a trio, no solo performances.

Well, the two guys that Rob recruited were great!

Chad and Ben.

They had never met each other either.

I had met them both many times but really didn't know either of them well.

We played well together and it was fun!

I'm hoping I can play with them more after this one show.

Rob has his studio business and has never been interested in playing a lot of smaller shows regionally.

He likes to do a big tour a couple times a year, in the US or Europe, and he's happy to do those, but the rest of the time he wants to stay focused on making albums for people.

I'm thinking that it would be so awesome to have a band in Minneapolis that could play around the five state area.

In other news, Rob says that my cover tunes album is coming along nicely and that he is adding mandolin to it right now. 

He says he didn't know if he could play the mandolin but it turns out he can.

I am thinking that the album is going to be really wonderful to listen to.

I think it's a real album, the kind of thing you sit down and listen to on your record player, drop the needle and sit and listen for forty-five minutes, no phone, no internet, you and the record player. 

That's what I want, and that's who I want to be.

Record players for all.

My mother tells me about her wind up record player that she used to bring out in her father's wooden boat on Lake Vermilion.

She'd sit out in the bay with her friends and they'd play records.

How about that?

In the 1950's on Big Bay.

She had all the top 40 singles.

And she had some big albums of original artists too.

Lord, bring us all the good things of life.

I want this for you and for me too.

I want us all to be happy.

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