back in the saddle

I loved playing a little show last night.

Three guys and me.

We put on a little songwriter show at a nice brewery.

Each of us played some songs on guitars.

Such a funny little pastime, singing songs and playing guitars and listening to each other as the world rages all around us.

And there are so many signs of beauty and hope, so many good people doing great new things, people taking a stand on all sorts of levels all across the world.

Singing songs is not the least of it.

If that's all you want to do, why not do it.

You aren't part of the problem, so you might be part of the solution, if you're singing.

For some reason I sang four songs of my own and four that were written by other people.

I didn't plan that.

But half and half seems right to me now.

Why insist on singing only your own songs for people?

I used to do that as a point of pride.

We artists can be so worried about playing "covers".

"Covers" are the really good songs you love that someone else wrote.

You can sing covers of songs that everyone in the room knows and loves and it can appear that you're pandering to the masses because it's easier to get people engaged when you're singing somebody else's hit song from the radio.

Okay, yes.

But nobody says you have to sing already famous songs, or current songs either.

I watched the documentary about Linda Ronstadt and she didn't write any songs at all.

She just sang songs she loved and in many cases she made the song famous by the way she sang it.

I'm into performing.

I'm really really into putting on shows.

I don't care who wrote the song if it fits the occasion and I love it.

Maybe, since I call myself a songwriter, I can be sure to do one more song that I wrote to tip the balance in favor of the "originals".

But it makes no difference to me now.

In the spirit of this new attitude, however, I have been working on a new song for quite some time now, on and off, one that I shared in this blog a couple months ago, and I think i may finally be nearly done.

I may even try to sing it tonight.

I don't have to memorize it if it's brand new, right?

Tonight is the show to toast to Aidan's life at the Finnish Bistro.

If you can make it there, we'd all love to see you.

I think Rob and Nina may be joining us as well.


And I have a nice new set of everything including new t shirts for my merch table.


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