avoid avoidant behaviors

My oldest daughter sent me a spirit guide's warning for us all for this week....beware getting off track with eating or drinking too much or just too much distraction from your "real work".

I thought it was great that the spiritually oriented guide person thinks we all have "real work" to be doing.

We do.

I don't know what yours is but I sure as hell know what mine is.

The Holy Spirit doesn't come along and dump a bucket load of great song ideas in your lap only for you to squander them sitting around drinking vino verde on ice with your friends and relatives while you slowly forget how all those great song ideas made you feel just yesterday morning.


That's exactly what I did last night.

My son and his Heaven sent girlfriend came over unexpectedly around nine at night with chilled bottles of vino verde and we all sat out in the glorious backyard until after midnight drinking and talking.

That's worth it.

But the songs are languishing again, piles of paper on the guest room bed.

Endless snips of recordings on my phone.

Gotta get 'er done.

Do not become lazy and avoid your real work.

Rob and I were saying to each other yesterday that we don't have anything going on for the next five days or so because of the holiday weekend.

But I forgot to say that I have to write my damn songs!

And Rob has to start working on my album with me!

But we both just sat there and said, "Yeah, we should probably go camping because we don't have anything going on the next few days."

We may go camping, in the 1970 camper van no less, with the new dog Tobi who has never camper before.

But I can bring a guitar and keep working and maybe even rope Rob in to help me finish a song or two.

He says he doesn't want to hear any of the new songs until they're 100% completely finished.

Do not be avoidant.

Do not avoid your real work.

Do not be distracted by sons arriving with bottles of vino verde on moonlit nights.


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