Autumn is upon us

Yesterday was cold enough to make the heating in this house kick in.

The furnace was on but set to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The outdoor temperature must have been like 55 or less.

It's only the first week of September, but today the high is 55.

So early Autumn is upon us.

I thought I was coming down with a cold so I rested a lot yesterday.

I feel totally fine today.

The big weekend in Ely was very positive and very exciting for me.

When we go on tour, in the US or Europe, I hate to say it but I almost always get a cold.

And the cold almost always leads to bronchitis.

I get a fever and chills and then I lose my voice.

My Asthma doctor prescribes me a three day antibiotic that's really strong and I bring it in my suitcase.

If I start to lose my voice I take the first big pill.

I've almost never cancelled a show on tour, almost never or maybe never.

But I'd like to think that the next time we're able to go on tour I'll think about it all differently.

I won't push us so hard to play every night, or at least not with such long drives in between.

In the past I didn't have a family member living close by to babysit my dog Aidan.

I always felt worried because he was at a kennel.

And probably somewhat unhappy because he always came back thinner and sort of bewildered.

Poor little guy, he was such a trooper, flying on airplanes with me back and forth to New York, going on tour in the US, and staying in the kennel whenever we went to Europe, sometimes for a whole month at a time.

It'll be easier with Tobi because two of my kids live nearby now and they'll be willing to babysit him.

Why am I thinking about touring so much?

I guess my usual patterns of moving around and seeing people and playing shows are starting to create more of a yearning in me.

I see we're going into a very quiet period here and it almost feels claustrophobic.

Have you ever had an MRI?

When they slowly move you on your back into a confined narrow tube and make you stay in there for what seems like an indeterminate span of time?

This Autumn has a little of that feeling to it.


Thank God for all the connections we have.

I'm sure we'll continue to all find exciting creative ways to interact.

I'm sure we will.

I plan to continue to say yes to invitations to play outdoor shows around this region.

If you look at my calendar, there are shows into October now.

Those shows are the fun.

The other fun is having my kids come for dinner.

We've all been around each other so much that we can be relaxed about germs.

Last night we all sat with many candles lit around the dining room table here at the house.

We split a bottle of Pinot Noir and had a lot of grilled vegetables that needed to be used so I grilled tons of cut up vegetables on some wooden skewers.

I also added some marinated chicken on skewers for the meat eaters.

We had big pieces of Naan bread grilled, and hummus to dip.

I made a salad of orzo, feta and arugula, inspired by my wonderful hosts in Ely.

It felt good to have people around our table on such a suddenly cold evening.

Rob and Tobi will be great companions for the Fall and Winter, I have no doubt.

I wouldn't want to be going into this dark period alone, that's for damn sure.

Songwriting benefits from all this.

I don't want to be anywhere else.

Today I'm going to buy more candles to make sure we're stocked up.

Because this house doesn't have a fireplace or wood stove, the candles really take away the chill and the darkness.

Red wine.

A certain amount of red wine is probably a good idea as well.

The four of us split one bottle.

That's good.

A little warming for the soul without clouding your head and giving you regrets.

The last thing to say is that Mother Nature will give us this warning and then we'll get a second chance at summer for a bit during September.

In October too there will be some warm sunny days.

And the breweries all have outdoor fire pits set up and there are apple orchards and pumpkin patches to visit.

And I have my shows.

Maybe I'll go to the knitting store and start knitting scarves again.

That's cozy too.

What are you thinking of doing this Fall?

Last but not least, you can hit the open road and go camping.

My son is going all the way out to Big Sur next month with one of his best buddies.

Many many Americans are traveling this way, hitting the wonderful National Parks.

I don't plan to do that, maybe next Spring I will though.

We don't know what the future holds.

Dream of ways to make this fun, and be grateful for your health.

And I will too.


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