artist consultations and Halloween fun

First of all, I was very inspired by the two artist consultations I did this week.

On Monday my session was with a female badass bass player in a rock band who is also a great rock style songwriter.

She works with me once a month, and has been for a couple of years.

She's got a great sense of groove in her own writing that I believe comes from her soul and is enhanced by her ear for the bass lines.

I am always inspired by the songs she's creating.

I have never written a song that has the groove she was working with this week and I find myself thinking about how I could write something with that same kind of beat.

She writes like Joan Jett and Amy Winehouse and I don't know who else, but it's great.

I get to sing the songs with her during the sessions and I always find myself being transported.

Suddenly as I'm singing I'm a much more badass version of my usual self because of her song.

Isn't that cool?

The second session this week was with the new artist I mentioned yesterday who has been doing professional singing since she was a child and who now wants to play guitar to accompany herself and put her many lyrical compositions to music.

She has overcome some health issues to get to the point where she's ready to take these next steps in her music journey.

And she has a real burning desire to bring all of this in her life to fruition.

She's always known that she wanted to be a singer, and ideally a songwriter as well.

I'm thrilled to be helping her make this happen.

There's a lot of potential for some wonderful self expression there.

And I know what it's like to have this feeling that you haven't yet delivered on your destiny musically.

Very exciting.

Artist consultations with artists who are creating.

I Love It.

The other thing I want to say this morning is that I was delighted to find myself in a secret back door bar last night in Northeast Minneapolis.

My daughter Nina is spreading her wings here in a thousand ways and it's so exciting to be around her.

She got this white fake fur coat from her father's wife recently and she's walking around making shit happen for herself in Minneapolis wearing this big white fur Helmut Lang designer jacket over her black jeans and Doc Marten boots and she is setting shit on fire.

So I met her at this place called Young Joni that she wanted to check out.

They have an unmarked back entrance that takes you into a totally different loungey bar in back.

They were playing old Seventies music that my Dad used to love and she and I each ordered a real grown up cocktail...mine had Brandy and a bunch of other stuff...very delicious.

The back bar is set up like an old roadhouse in New England....or central France maybe....or Northern Minnesota in your dreams of what Northern Minnesota started out looking like in the Nineteen Thirties.

If you're in the Twin Cities you should go, it's fun.

The most fun thing was that Nina used to work at places like this but now her creative pursuits are lifting her up and now she hangs out at places like this with her Mom but she doesn't have to go back to work after her break.

It was almost surreal sitting there with her in her badass fur jacket, I was wearing my rust colored velvet cape with the fur collar, and it seemed like we were entering a new phase of our lives.

Thank God.

Lastly, I'm making a long black tutu skirt today, mostly because I want to wear it tonight to hand out candy at Rob's house, but also because I am so psyched on my tutu styles with the cropped black leather jacket, and a tea length black skirt would be a cool addition to the collection.

If you want to make one yourself, go to the fabric store and buy a yard of heavy black wide elastic, and five yards of any color tulle.

Sew the band to fit your waist and sew the yardage to the elastic band, gathering as you go.

Five layers of tulle makes it opaque.


Happy Halloween.


  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    Thank you Courtney for the kind words. I aspire to be as great as you are in every aspect (songwriting, singing, playing, performance, fashion).

    Thank you Courtney for the kind words. I aspire to be as great as you are in every aspect (songwriting, singing, playing, performance, fashion).

  • Courtney Yasmineh
    Courtney Yasmineh
    Thank you Josephine. We are ever evolving works of art. Love.

    Thank you Josephine. We are ever evolving works of art. Love.

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