approve of yourself 100%

You're going to have to approve of yourself 100% if you're going to connect with your God and be the awesome you you are meant to be.

This is one of these things that everyone knows.

But doing it is what counts.

Can I do it?

Can you do it?

My children are trying to do this, I know, each in their own ways.

I had my first child at thirty.

I was not prepared with the spiritual grounding that would have been necessary for me to instill this in them.

Truthfully, neither was their father.

Neither were their grandparents, although the grandparents were probably all a little closer to it than I was.

I know a few people who approve 100% of themselves because of the way they were raised by very very loving and supportive parents.

Some of these people are actually kind of annoying when you aren't in 100% approval mode about yourself.

Maybe 100% approval means 100% confidence and that can come off to others as arrogance.

Did some people look at Buddha or Jesus or Martin Luther or Martin Luther King and say, "That guy is just an arrogant son of a bitch. Who does he think he is?"


Well, that's for sure what some people were saying about John Lennon.

You just have to be okay with yourself and your God.

The people will fall in line.

Or they'll kill you.

One or the other.

Is it worth the risk?

Yes, I'm gonna say yes.

I hear a lot from other songwriter performers.

We are just one tiny profession in the whole world of how people earn their living.

But the stakes are high because some people turn into Billy Joe Armstrong or Elton John or Bob Dylan, and some don't.

Songwriters who are having a rough go of it tell me that people won't listen any more.

As if no one in the world knows how or cares to listen to a live performance of anything ever any more.

We know that ain't true.

People are getting their minds blown daily all over the world by awesome performers giving awesome performances.

And the songwriters who aren't doing very well tell me that no one can get paying gigs any more.

And they tell me you can't get any radio play for your recordings.

And they tell me you can't make any money selling albums.

I'm not saying they're wrong across the board, but there are people making serious money every day doing all these things right now in this world.

And some of these songwriters tell me that they don't like other songwriters who are trying hard to promote themselves and make their thing happen.

They say, "Who does that guy think he is?"

Hahaha. I don't know. Don't ask me. That guy is whoever he and his God are co-creating and it's really none of anybody else's business.

I want to be with the can-do crowd.

I want to feel the dignity and the integrity of saying, "I can do, I am doing, I will do..."

I see my vision and I put my blinders on and I step forward on my path and the way opens before me.

I hope everybody else's path is clear and welcoming for them too.

Their paths don't wreck my path.

My path is about my being 100% approving of me.

My God connection and my Universal Love connection are the only relationship I am contracting with for my learning.

I want to learn to make manifest the life I dream of, within the time I have now on this Earth.

I approve 100% of myself.

I approve 100% of you too.

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