another big day

It's another big day in Paradise.

I got up early and went to buy some hair dye.

I dyed some fairly unnoticeable strands of my hair my natural light brown color.

Everything was getting too blonde looking I thought.

I'm actually enjoying taking care of my hair myself.

An older man stopped me on the street in my neighborhood when I was walking with my guitar over my shoulder from the train station after I'd played a show downtown yesterday evening.

He said, "Hey you really look like you're in show business! What do you do?"

I said, "Yep, I'm in show business. I just played a show downtown. I play all over."

He said, "Well keep it up 'cause you look like you oughta be famous."

I guess doing my hair myself is working!

That's what I decided to take away from that. 

Today I have a three hour show at the Saint Croix Winery near Stillwater, MN, so come out and see me if you can.

Tonight is my daughter Nina's second show at Honey at 7pm.

That's where I'll be!

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