America has real issues

Well, after these several days, it's impossible to not see that America has big issues.

Issues of racial inequality and deep hatred.

Hatred coming from a great number of people North and South.

I'm going to say that these people of lighter skin who hate people of other colors of skin are just the dumbest people of all the people in the world.

Anyone who wastes their precious days on this planet and their good health running around trying to stomp out other people is just stupid.

Stupidity and evil are the worst combination.

We have stupid evil people who are running around Minneapolis and St. Paul thinking they're doing something big.

They are doing something very small and pathetic as far as I can see.

I think we can rise above them and crush their evil doing.

I think we will.

We will be a combination of the Black community, the enlightened White community, and many of the very good people of all colors and backgrounds in our city and state government.

The Native Americans are a positive force as well, as are Asian people and Hispanic people.

The local neighborhoods are getting strong and vigilant.

The local officials are getting smart or being revealed as weak and not helpful.

The police forces are getting smarter about serving their communities with care and compassion.

White Supremacy is the biggest problem and it's a big problem, but we're bigger because we really do have the Holy Spirit on our side.



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