Amanda Palmer's book

Amanda Palmer has been in my life this week because I'm reading her book about Asking.

She asked for everything from her fans and she got everything she asked for and more.

She became more famous for her art of asking philosophy than for her songwriting, I'd have to say.

That's okay, I'm getting to read her best selling book for that reason.

The book has been recommended to me many times, mostly because she is considered a DIY artist...and so am I.

She has become rich and I have yet to become solvent.

So people recommend her to me.

I'm not finished with the book yet, but I will be in the next thirty-six hours I suppose.

One good thing about my nearly silent month of December is that I have rediscovered my old habit of going to bed very early with a good book and reading until Midnight or so.

I used to do that before I played three shows a week.

Then the shows took over and I was too tired the other nights.

But it was more than that, it was a no-energy and no-brain-space thing.

I didn't want to read.

Reading didn't sound good.

No books sounded interesting.

I've been a big reader since I was very young, so that's probably not my natural state, to be chronically too tired to read.

The December Experiment is definitely a positive so far, in this regard.

I am able to think much more clearly with more time to myself.

Artists have always said that it takes free time to be creative and I agree.

A nine to five job takes the extra energy out of you.

Playing a lot of shows can take the energy out of you too.

So this December of only one paying show has been a welcome relief.

Amanda Palmer decided to perform as a painted human statue on the street in Boston, her home town, for extra money at one point and it worked for her.

Everyone's path is different.

I'm grateful for the handful of artists who are consulting with me about their development.

That's what I'm doing for extra money and for extra input and output with people.

I love being one on one with another artist and working on their performance techniques, guitar and voice.

I love talking with them about their songwriting.

I think I have good input and good advice and I think I'm a positive influence.

I like talking about good creative habits and good positive personal philosophy.

So I'm grateful to be doing some of this in December too.

Amanda Palmer has put one hundred percent of herself into connecting with her fans and making new fans for many years.

Her efforts have always paid off for her.

I admire her and I respect her.

She also wrote a blog.

And she used her blog to explain and to connect and to ask.

I love this daily writing and I'm so glad I found it.

I love that I can write in what feels like semi-privacy and yet share what I've written instantly with anyone who cares enough to read it.

I am grateful for the readers here and for their heartfelt and thoughtful responses.

This is a spiritual practice in many ways, and it's also a free service to my fans, and it's also a marketing tool.

I love that when I go back to cities in other parts of the country next year, my fans come up to me and we pick right up partly because they read this blog at least from time to time and they're always aware of what I have been doing.

It makes it easier to jump right in and I can hear about how they're doing too.

Amanda Palmer is a caring person and that's very beautiful, and a beautiful part of the message of her book.

She is more concerned with loving and caring than she is with fame and fortune.

I love that too.

To conclude about Amanda and her book, the one thing that I love I think more than she does is the making of high quality recordings.

My impression is that she was not as interested in that as I have been, although comparisons mean nothing.

But I feel myself to be a more singular individual, a person who values silence and time alone, a person who values contemplation.

I think Amanda has shown me that I think in an isolated way, to some degree, and she wanted much more socializing and connection than I ever wanted.

Everyone's different and everyone's path is different.

Minnesota is a great State for isolated contemplation.

Some people complain about the early darkness and the impending cold of January and February, and even March.

I complain about it too, to be sure.

But the darkness and the cold bring with it the silence and I do love the silence.

The silence is God to me.

The silence is the holy spirit.

So, thank you Amanda Palmer for reminding me of what I value most by showing me what you value most.

I appreciate you.

Also, as a last little housekeeping note, I sold out of my holy spirit t shirts a second time, so they will be a merch table staple going forward, and I'm going to make a few more today, if you want me to send you one, let me know!

If you have enjoyed this blog this year and you'd like to send me some Christmas money, you can do it through Paypal, and I will continue to do my very best to be an inspiration in every way.

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