all new again

Christmas is over but the lessons live on.

So everything is new again.

I'm grateful and I'm psyched.

I have so many ideas about how to be better and better.

Give more, do more, be more.

But also be more relaxed and easy going.

Is all of this possible at once?

There's a meditation recording you can listen to on youtube.

It's by a guy named Bob Proctor.

It's his meditation on abundance.

The guy is great.

In 2019 I listened to that thing like at least a hundred times, maybe more.

What I tried to do was lie down for a half hour every afternoon, no matter where I was staying, at home or abroad, and I'd turn on good old Bob on my phone and just listen to that recording very quietly.

Yeah, sometimes I fell asleep, but that's okay.

I am able to recite passages from that recording by memory now.

And I admit that it's fun to make fun of Bob with people like my daughter Nina who has listened to it almost as many times as I have...or more.

Bob has a line in it that goes something like...'and you'll find yourself moving faster and doing more but at the same time you'll be more relaxed more'll speed up and slow down all at the same time...'.

I don't know, but when you listen to Bob himself saying this, and you listen to it enough times it starts to sound pretty funny.....going faster than you've ever gone, but at the same time going more slowly than you've ever gone before!

But, in Bob's great defense, it's all true and I'm living it!

I never thought I'd have thrown the party we threw, while simultaneously hosting two twenty-something year olds and another couple more who came over every day, while singing all the services at the church, while keeping the little house aglow with Christmas splendor.

But everyone was working together, everyone supported my efforts as I supported theirs.

Everyone pitched in one hundred percent.

Rob even took us all out to dinner one night.

Oh and that doesn't even count what we did on Christmas night.

The kids left to go visit their father's family and Rob and I were left to our own devices.

Rob suggested we go out for a bite to eat.

I only wanted a bite to eat because I'd eaten so many of the cookies Nina and I had made.

I went upstairs and changed into my long powder pink maxi dress, the vintage one from the 1970's that I love so much.

A fan of my music gave me earrings made of pink suede to go with it and I wore those too, plus the 1970 Frye platform tan boots.

I put on my tan shearling coat with the pretty embroidered leaves all over it.

I came downstairs and Rob announced that we were going to the old Monte Carlo, a true old style supper club in downtown Minneapolis.


So we drove over there, and I thought it might be empty, Rob had checked that it was open on Christmas.

But when we walked through the doors, I was shocked to see the bar absolutely packed, and the wait they were saying for a table in the dining room was an hour or more.


I had no idea that the world was still turning out there.

I thought that everyone was at home dozing on Christmas Day night.

So we walked across the street to the new Hewing Hotel.

Rob thought their bar area would be fun.

I again thought no one would be out, certainly not out sitting in some hotel lounge, on Christmas.

Wrong again.

The bar was packed, the lounge was packed, there were all sorts of beautiful people with cocktails lounging around the massive fire in the front fireplace.

What a festive scene.

We were lucky to get two seats at the bar near the open kitchen wood fire oven where we were able to watch the chefs preparing every manner of holiday delight.

Piling bib lettuce leaves a mile high, drizzling a dressing of some kind in between the leaves and grating from a huge brick of a hard cheese over the top, fresh lemon juice at the end over the whole thing.

Desserts were being similarly assembled on a farther counter, with a similar process of stacking thin layers of cake, drizzling some kind of sauce, then adding shaved dark chocolate from a big hard brick over the top.


I sat there at that bar, in my powder pink fancy dress with the sheer long sleeves and high collar, feeling like a Christmas Day princess.

Rob is always a great companion in places like that.

He enjoys choosing things to eat and drink.

He ordered carefully with the waitress' help.

Two glasses of white wine, two different wines, one from Germany, one from France.

He told her not to tell us which was which.

The German Riesling was of the newer variety which is very crisp and strong and not overly sweet.

The French Chenin Blanc was lighter, more perfume-y, more French.

It was fun to guess, but it was also fun to recognize how obvious the differences were.

Very entertaining.

We had the duck fat potatoes with sour cream, which was like very fancy french fries and dip, delicious.

We had the chicken wings, which were more like eating duck confit, very slow roasted, very savory.

Christmas night at the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Who knew.

What a cosmopolitan experience.

What a wonderful gift.

Okay, so, now reality sets in again.

The holiday is over and immediately I start worrying about money again.

Blah blah blah.

I pledge to speak of money in a whole new way for 2020 and beyond.

I am earning money in a variety of interesting and exciting ways.

I am enjoying the possibilities that are blossoming before me.

I am feeling a strong sense of abundance.

Just like Bob Proctor says.

Abundance is our birthright.

How dare you not be fabulous when you are a child of God.

Do you know the story of the tree in Rob's backyard?

When I moved into this house three years ago, I thought the huge old silver maple in Rob's yard should be cut down.

Too dangerous.


I was wrong.

I was given a gift of a session with a fortune teller by my daughter and her friend.

I went to the fortune teller and she told me of all that was coming for me.

Then she said that I needed to stop fretting about the "big tree out back".

Oh my God, how did she know about that?

She said that I needed to go out every day and thank that tree, embrace that tree, stop being afraid.

Can you believe that?

So after that I always thank that tree, I talk to that tree, I pray beneath that great tree.

Two years ago I found a sapling, obviously a child of that great tree, growing bravely along the back fence.

It's brave little trunk was bent from trying to grow up around the fence post.

I carefully dug it up and transplanted it to a place of honor in the yard, near it's great father, but far enough so that it could take up the job as the important tree one day.

I drove a tall stick in beside the little bent sapling and I tightened pieces of twine around the bent places in the trunk, gradually tightening them so that the little tree began to stand straight.

Last summer I removed the brace.

The little tree is up to my waist now, and his trunk is straight and strong.

Hopefully in the Spring, when the snows have melted, he'll be standing straight and taller than ever.

I did this as a gift to the big tree.

I noticed that the big tree puts out massive abundant quantities of small seeds, the "helicopter" kind, that twirl to the ground and are carried on the winds.

I noticed that people grumble about the "messy" seeds flying and falling and piling up everywhere, on walkways and in gutters.

I realized that the big tree, living in the center of an urban community with no other trees around him, and only cement and mowed lawns as far as he can see in all directions, watches his efforts to reforest go in vain year after year.

His seedlings have no place to "take".

I'm so glad I saved that one brave little child of his.

And now I've saved some more.

I saved a whole clump that was sprouting in Rob's garage roof gutter system.

Rob pulled out the clump of sprouting seeds and instead of throwing them into a garbage bag and tossing them in the garbage, as people do, I took the whole clump and planted it in Rob's front yard where there are no trees at all right now, just grass.

By the time the snow was falling this November, the little clump was all about ten inches tall and doing well.

I don't know if certain seedlings will win out and others will die back, but that's what I suspect will happen.

I planted a similar clump on the other side of the backyard from the big tree and the small tree.

We'll see how they do as well.

Rob could end up with a very wooded lot.

I'm not sure he loves that idea, but so far so good.

The point is to illustrate the immense abundance of Nature, of the Universe, of God.

We are the ones who thwart the efforts of the multitudes.

When we are at our worse we are in the competitive mindset.

We compare, we compete.

We bestow awards and honors that magnify the mistaken impression of scarcity, implying that only one can be the winner.

We pit ourselves against each other.

When we are at our best we create out of joy.

Each individual becomes the winner in his own life.

My new idea of selling my best most delightful items of clothing on line at my new DePop shop is in this spirit of creative abundance.

I can create more abundance by sharing my love and my knowledge in this area, by sharing from my collection, by offering things that are truly one of a kind vintage pieces that used to just be hanging n my dark closet, making me feel guilty about my unappreciated old clothes.

It's a new job that I can do in the comfort of my own bedroom, where I photograph the pieces and write a description of each.

The only other part is heading over to the post office to mail out anything that's been purchased.

How fun is that?

I love it already.

Today I'm shipping my first sold item.

I'm going to include a handwritten note, wishing the person years of fun with their new item.

Abundance in 2020.

It's already all around us.

It's already our birthright.

It's already here for everyone who can believe in themselves and their purpose on this Earth.

Have a beautiful creative day.

Abundance is yours.



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