admitting a slowdown

I'm admitting that I either have slowed down or I need to slow down.

Or I am experiencing a slowdown.

I am part of a worldwide slowdown, probably.

I feel like I'm writing from my mouse hole.

A tiny woodland mouse contemplating.

A tiny woodland mouse trying to peer forward, assess the situation, take the pulse of the world.

Anyway, this tiny mouse is not going camping today.

It's too hard to figure out how to do an on-line live appearance for a broadcast tomorrow night from a campsite.

We could pack up the camper and drive into the town and Tobi and Rob would have to find something to do for an hour.

But what if it's raining?

Yeah, too hard to figure out.

What I need is high speed internet and good lighting and silence all around me for an hour.

I have all those things home.

Ah, the comforts of just staying home.

No swimming at home though so that sucks.

We'll go next week, we promise.

No, Rob is not mad. He's sort of relieved from what I can gather from his general outward demeanor.

Tobi doesn't care because he's never been camping yet.

We'll go next week for sure because we want to teach Tobi how to swim.

Love from home.

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