Abundance is a state of mind.

It's a way of life.

It's a dream come true, it's every dream come true.

And it's right in front of our faces and in our hearts.

I think it's true that we're sort of naturally afraid of it.

We're afraid of ourselves and how we might go off the deep end if we get too much.

If somebody handed us a piece of cake, we'd say "no thanks" maybe because we don't want to get fat.

If somebody handed us five cakes or a lifetime supply of cake every day for the rest of our lives we might worry we'd get really fat.

What if someone said they'd give us a lifetime supply of everything we could ever possibly want?

What if that's what the Garden Of Eden was all about...truth or myth?

I think I have felt better when I have very little because I don't trust myself to not go hog wild with anything and everything.

But in the case of drugs and alcohol, I've pretty much been offered anything and everything and I've had no trouble saying "no thanks".

I drink alcohol and I know when it's getting to be an amount that I might regret and I can stop.

I have had a line of credit and I've had a savings account, but I used them up on my music career, and frankly, on giving myself and my favorite people everything we wanted.

I don't trust myself to live wisely with credit or with savings.

There are so many things I want and love and want to do and want to accomplish.

If I see a way, I use the money or the credit to do it.

I don't know if when I'm dying I'll say, "damn I wish I'd been more frugal and saved up money instead of using it up all the time doing all kinds of things and having all kinds of things."

I don't know, but if I die not owing anybody anything, and my children are all safe and happy, I'll be okay just breaking even at death's door.

So, this is a very abundant time for me.

The past week I made more money playing shows than I usually do.

Our garden is starting to give us fresh vegetables.

People we know are giving us fresh eggs from their chickens and beautiful gifts from their gardens.

The experience of having more than enough of everything is heady, and scary, and exhilarating.

But even my favorite chipmunk knows he has to store some of this abundance for the coming hardships of winter.

Can I keep my wits about me in the face of all this abundance?

I am a child of God and all things are mine because I am loved.

Can I handle that?

Can you?

Will we just burst into flames, or cry until we cry ourselves to death in the face of such universal generosity?

Are we worthy?

God bless us as we live in this emersion time of massive abundance.

The harvest season is upon us.

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