a whole bunch of new followers all of a sudden

Strangely, I've had more friend requests on Facebook in the past 24 hours than I've ever had in such a short time.


I've had to dump a bunch of people who I don't even know and don't know why we ever became connected in the first place.

I am always happy to refresh my connections on social media that way, and since Facebook only allows you to carry 5000 friends, I have to keep going through the long list and pruning it down.

Sometimes accounts have even become inactive but they're still listed as friends of mine.

So I went through last night and attempted to get rid of anyone who didn't seem to have any current connection to me or my music.

But why the sudden surge of interest, that I don't know.

I changed the photo for my profile to the one of me in front of First Avenue in Minneapolis last summer when we opened for the Seratones.

It could be that people genuinely like that picture.

But I don't know how they'd be seeing the picture if we aren't friends.

I suppose they see it through posts on other friends' pages maybe.

Anyway, it's great.

New fans!

I have to put my taxes for the US government together today.

They aren't due until April 15th but it's a bad idea to wait that long, and I'm already one day late to turn in the 1099s for people I paid out money to last year.

This will mostly be Rob, but also some other band guys.

We'll see.

I'm hoping it works out okay.

Last year it worked out just fine, so this should too.

I also have to put together examples of my musical work for a grant proposal for the Tofte Lake Center.

They want to use me as an example of artists who come to their retreats.

So I have to compile a bunch of video and audio clips with background information for them.

They did a lot for me last year, so this is one way I can thank them.

One more thing, I'm speaking with my band guys today about stepping up to a four piece band for 2020!

I don't know if this would be for Europe, although it's not impossible.

It would be for the weekend night shows I have booked on bigger stages at places that have a sound system and a sound person.

I think it would be fun to hear the guitar solos again.

I haven't had the guitar solos in my live shows for some time now.

But this year it just may be go-big-or-stay-home!

We'll see.

We'll see is a good answer for everything.

Stay happy.

Stay helpful.

Feel young.

Feel fun.

We can do it. 

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