a slouchy bag for your slouchy silhouette

I noticed this funny line on a fashion commentary in the New York Times yesterday.

"A slouchy bag for your slouchy silhouette".

That sums up one take on 2020 and how it's affecting the collective subconscious.

The photo that went with this caption was of a beautiful model of indeterminate racial origin, trying to represent everyone with one model's face isn't easy.

The model is wearing Converse sneakers, way oversized flare leg ripped up jeans.

She's wearing a long floral peasant dress of a patchwork of different country style small prints.

She's also wearing a big plaid flannel shirt tied at the waist.

She's also wearing a big huge sweater vest that's sort of falling off her shoulders, falling off the sleeves of the printed dress.

She's holding a big white coffee mug, not even by the handle, just holding it with her fingers spread over the top, like it's the same coffee she's been drinking for hours.

She is the new work from home fashion girl.

She's fashiony, she's sort of bummed out, she's slouchy.

Her clothes really are slouchy, they're right about that.

If I want to look that way I need to buy my clothes a lot bigger.

Also, if you're going anywhere in that massive amount of layered fabrics, you're going to need  slouchy bag.

They're right.

But probably you won't go anywhere dressed like that except to your Zoom meeting in the livingroom.

You can't hop on the subway dressed like that, you aren't streamlined enough to maneuver.

You can't ride a horse in all that stuff either.

All you can do is slouch around in your house, working from home, interacting on your computer.

But I think you might feel like a real bad ass if you go to the trouble to dress up like that every day instead of just wearing your sweatpants and your robe.

That's my thought on fashion this morning.

I'm not gonna take it this far, but I am wearing my baggy rolled up high waisted black denim shorts with tights and Dr. Martens and a plaid flannel shirt today.

Second day of bicycling.

Yesterday I ended up going about twelve miles.

And I got a peanut butter cookie along the way.

Similar plan for today.

Gives me a lot of time to make up more new song ideas.

Which I still need.

Happy Monday.

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