a season of miracles

It's New Year's Eve morning and all I want to say to you and to myself is that we have been through a season of miracles and if we hold on tight to our optimism, our patience, and our faith, these miracles will continue to bless our lives.

We're together in this and in the new year we'll dance and sing and throw our arms around each other once more.

The problems of the day melt in the face of the Great Spirit of Creation.

Keep your mind in a place of creativity and don't let yourself sink into a mindset of competition.

You are on your unique journey learning your unique lessons, on your own timeline that is probably unfolding since the Dawn Of Time and will be unfolding into Infinity.

There's no rush.

Enjoy your day and be prepared for the best year ever.

Love to you where ever you are today.

Going out now to shovel snow!

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