a new world on the distant horizon

I see now that a new world awaits us.

If we live, and if we are very good, God may permit us to be pirates....after all.

That's from a quote by Mark Twain.

We could be heroes.

We could be everything we always wanted.

I see a glimmer of it like the Sun peaking up on the Eastern skyline.

Bankruptcy lawyers, politicians, doctors, musicians.

We are scrambling and we are rethinking.

The screenwriters last night during ourĀ on line class, rethinking.


Think for the first time.

Think new.

Think hard.

We are what we envision now.

I envision freedom.

And vast expanses.

Natural beauty.

Humans with the creature of Mother Nature.

I envision prosperity and joy.

Let's watch the Sun rise together.

Stay healthy, stay alive, stay awake for this new moment.

We get to live this!

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