a new week

Monday morning, chilly and overcast.

I'm going walking with a fan and supporter who's an artist herself.

Tobi is coming with us.

I've got the screenplay on my mind today, as well as a song I wrote over the weekend.

I was so inspired by my daughter Ava and her big all night drive from Denver to L.A. to visit her sister there and think about new possibilities.

The porch show Saturday night was a big success for me because I enjoyed it so much.

My voice felt good, the words to the songs felt important.

Rob came out unexpectedly onto the porch and joined me at the microphone for Tangled Web and then for Glory at the end of the show.

What a delight to sing with him on the shared microphone, we've never done that before in one of my shows.

Next Saturday is the last of the series and he's promising to play the whole show with me on percussion and singing harmonies.

Wow, that's great, I haven't sung with him in a long time and it feels like a whole new beginning.

Isn't that great?

"Stay open to the possibilities and don't regret anything you've done".

That's a line from my newest song and it's really ringing true.

Great day!




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