a new bikini

After a fearful evening and nearly sleepless night in our neighborhood in Minneapolis, we have awakened to a brighter day.

I've been sitting here writing lyrics as fast and as well as I can for new songs.

Then I had a sudden fun thought.

I haven't bought a new bathing suit in about ten years, not kidding.

This summer I have the money to buy one, and I should have a nice one because I'm going to be on a lake several times this summer if all plans go forward.

So I just ordered me a bikini!

I have a wonderful favorite photo for inspiration.

The actress Helen Mirren, at sixty-seven, rising out of beautiful blue water on a yacht somewhere, in a fabulous well constructed bikini.

So I bought myself a tangerine colored one just now.

Between the Corona and George Floyd there's a lot to be miserable about, no doubt.

But I'm alive and so far we've survived and I intend to enjoy every minute I have on this beautiful planet.

Helping others, being part of the solution, being grateful, adding beauty and harmony where ever possible.

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me, 

Me and my new bikini.

Shine on brothers and sisters!

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