a day full of promise


I get to go to one of my favorite coffee shops this morning to have a meeting with one of my favorite music people in Minneapolis, or anywhere. 

She is a woman, first of all, and that alone is still less common in music. 

She's also a musician and writer and performer herself, and so is her husband. 

All of her career moves so far I have been aware of as deeply music oriented positions. 

She is all about the music and the music people. 

She has stayed in this one sphere of very good songwriters who make Americana or Roots or Folk music primarily. 

I come from that region of music, but with my classical choral and flute background, my love of electric guitars and rocking out, I have strayed to far ends of what could be called Folk or Americana. 

Also, with my bitterness and my anger (mostly in the past now I think) I was always labeled "alternative". 

Alt Folk, Alt Country, Alt Rock. 

Whatever I made, it was the alternative to something else apparently. 

That's okay! 

I approve of myself! 

But now, low and behold, this wonderful music woman is turning her infinite energies to promoting new music from the comfort of her home to some degree as she raises her brand new baby boy. 

I am meeting with her along with our executive producer of the last album Magic Marc Percansky. 

We're going to see if there's more we can do with "Songs From The Open Road" which just came out in September. 


I'm going to talk about a brand new German record deal I am working on which could lead to a brand new solo acoustic release later this summer............. 

oh my God, so exciting to me. 

I am just praying for this. 

So, off to meetings and have a great day! 

Also it's day nine of Nina and me doing Adriene's HOME yoga series. 

Do it with us! 

It's on youtube. 

And I have a new client starting Feb 7, a mother and little son taking guitar and singing together!

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