a cafe with a wood burning fire

There's a cafe in Minneapolis that has a wood burning fire going in their fireplace now.

It's called The Lynhall.

I'm going to write this blog post, then go jogging outside, then take a shower and get dressed up in a fun outfit, then drive the five miles to The Lynhall.

When I get there I'm going to hopefully be able to secure a seat near the fire.

I'm going to order a drink, not sure what yet, and get out my pens and blank books and attempt to write at least one but ideally two new handwritten small books for my merch table.

I want the new set of books to be whimsical and have a vague holiday woodland theme.

They're going to go with my hand drawn t shirt design...the deer head with the words "holy spirit" hand printed below.

I'm just about ready to get this all going for my upcoming shows.

I hope I get it all done.

I hope I get a seat by the fire today.

Have a cozy day today, where ever you go.

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