318 Cafe shows this month

This month I'm playing as a trio with JJ and Rob, and once with our B String guy Chad Mittag on bass.

We have three Thursdays at the 318 Cafe.

This is meant to help us be ready for our Europe tour in late September.

We're doing everything we can to prepare for that tour, and in the process to pave the way for taking the high road into 2020!

My new cover tunes album is completed as of last night.

We go to press tomorrow.

It's gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

The songs and the sound and the look of it is all just what I was hoping for.

I think it is heralding a new phase of my career and of my life.

It's positive and gentle and full of love and kindness.

I can't wait to be sharing it with everyone and anyone in the whole wide world.

So these trio shows are the beginning.

These shows will be such a treat for me after slogging through so so so many solo shows this summer.

I love playing solo, don't get me wrong.

But the testosterone of the trio is something I can't manufacture on my own.

Sometimes it's not even the right thing.

I'm doing a grand house concert this coming Saturday night in beautiful Silver Bay and I don't want to bring the trio there.

I'd like to share the songs thoughtfully, quietly, with some explanation of what's been happening and where I think this is all heading now.

I can do that kind of a performance better alone.

But for sheer energetic entertainment value, nothing beats the trio.

So come out to the 318 the next three Thursdays and have fun with us!

See you soon!

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