an American wedding yesterday 

We went to a wedding out in the country yesterday.

I loved it.

The girls wore cowgirl western boots with their long full skirted bride's maid dresses.

The little flower girls wore white dresses with big full white tulle skirts like ballerinas, with a black ribbon bow at the waist and little black cowgirl boots.


The bride and groom were charming and devoted.

The families and friends gathered were kind and joyful.

The setting on a gorgeous old farmstead made into a wedding event center, complete…

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we're attending an outdoor wedding today 

Rob and I are going to his niece's wedding today.

It's being held outdoors on a farm.

It's going to be a beautiful day.

Rob bought us flasks so we don't have to interact with bartenders.

We're wearing our masks unless we're far away from others, when we can take our masks off for a minute to drink out of our flasks.

Maybe that isn't even a good idea, but that's our plan.

We aren't going to touch anybody, we aren't going to eat anything they're serving.

If the people are being cavalier and walking around…

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sometimes you gotta just sit and talk with somebody who knows you 

Last night I was tired and discouraged but I pushed myself to go visit a very good friend.

She and I have been agreeing to meet whenever we can all through these difficult times.

We've sat far apart on my front porch or hers as often as we dared, and often we were both weary from the daily uncertainties and struggles.

Yesterday I drove to her place and we sat in her house but across the room from each other.

We each had a glass of wine.

We talked about everything, like we always do.

I played her my three…

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It's tough hoping things will get better.

There was news yesterday that the American CDC (commission of disease control, I think) is predicting a vaccine for the coronavirus will allow our country to return to "regular life" by the third quarter of 2021.

Third quarter is a year from now, even a little sooner.

I would be so down for that, as the kids say.

I think being an activist now means not allowing ourselves or those around us to believe that all we have to do is live through this and everything will be…

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Okay so how about the human race becomes extinct and the beautiful planet Earth starts over.

How long would it take for the wild animals to regain their roaming wild freedom?

How long would it take for the prairies to come back?

How long would it take for the jungles to grow tall and lush?

How long would it take for the red woods, the Sequoias?

Time wouldn't matter because there wouldn't be a bunch of humans standing around being impatient, trying to rush everything.

I'm over it.

Let the human race die it's…

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I rode my bicycle twelve miles again yesterday.

Two days in a row, sort of a last hurrah of summer.

I think I'm going for three in a row today.

I take Tobi for a long walk first.

I take a really long time to make the circle out to Lake Nokomis, then Lake Harriet, then back home.

I stop to look at Gold Finches in branches along the trail.

I stop to wheel my bike close to the Minnehaha Creek that the trail follows all the way out and back.

I stand on the edge of the creek, my hiking boots right up to the edge…

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a slouchy bag for your slouchy silhouette 

I noticed this funny line on a fashion commentary in the New York Times yesterday.

"A slouchy bag for your slouchy silhouette".

That sums up one take on 2020 and how it's affecting the collective subconscious.

The photo that went with this caption was of a beautiful model of indeterminate racial origin, trying to represent everyone with one model's face isn't easy.

The model is wearing Converse sneakers, way oversized flare leg ripped up jeans.

She's wearing a long floral peasant dress of a patchwork of…

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second post of the day, travel update 

No NYC for the Yasmineh women.

It turns out that NYC is wisely requiring a 14 day self quarantine plan from people traveling from restricted states and MN is a restricted state right now.

We would have to present a two week quarantine plan upon arrival at JFK.

Of course, we were only going to fly in for a few days of fun.

We could drive.

But the truth is that I've been looking for escape routes.

I start recording my new album October 1st and I'd rather go on sudden unnecessary trips than buckle down and…

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Sunday morning is always uplifting 

Sunday morning always represents a new beginning for me.

Start fresh, new beginning.

What am I going to do now?

The past is gone, last week is gone.

I can move forward from here.

From this exact spot.

Being realistic is feeling your present moment.

What's the matter with your present situation?

If you're reading this you could definitely be doing worse.

You're alive, you have internet access, you have some free time to read, you have electricity, you have food enough to fuel your brain for reading, you have…

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volunteering, planning a trip to NYC with two daughters, eating out with Rob 

My show for tonight got cancelled.

The venue is worried about rain and cold and rightly so.

They really can't afford to pay me my guarantee and have no one show up, better to cancel the day before.

I don't blame them.

The outdoor show thing is touch and go.

This venue wrote to me saying they're devising a plan for partially covered/partially heated space for live music for the winter.

Great news!

I hope more places are pondering this as well.

Last night Rob took me out on a date.

It's a date when Rob…

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