the puppy has arrived and all is wonderful 

As Nina said in irony this morning while we're all watching the new puppy bound around Rob's living room, "Too bad this puppy isn't any fun."


He's the most fun we've had in years.

He's a true spirit of light.

He was raised for the first three months of his life by his own biological parents, both parents, and he is psychologically very healthy as a result.

He has a healthy respect for authority.

He wasn't put in a cage at a pet shop at six or eight weeks.

He is just a delight.

We're going for his…

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Puppy Day 

Today is puppy day.

A fan wrote to me last night offering to help fund the $600 rescue puppy from the Humane Society.

The thing about that little puppy was that she was not the kind of poodle haired dog that is best for my asthma issues.

The puppy at the private family's home, the little black Poodle/Shitzu is the same mixed breed as my last dog, my dearly departed little Aidan.

I have to pay to get this new puppy neutered if I get him, so the cost is going to be almost the same in the end.

People on…

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eight a.m. and calm down 

Okay it's eight a.m.

"You need to calm down, you need to just stop"

Taylor Swift lyric going in my brain now.

In the middle of the night I wrote the blog post right before this one.

A hair puller.

I also posted on social media a very cute new photo of myself drinking a margarita.

My daughter Nina did a little photo shoot with me yesterday at noon and I forgot all about that fun margarita I had.

You can look at any of my social media sites this morning and see the fun photo.

And I'm getting the damn puppy so…

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two thirty in the morning............ 

It's two thirty in the morning.

No I have not been drinking alcohol.

I had one glass of white wine with sushi with Rob G at about 5:30pm today.

So, rule that out as an excuse.

Also, my mom is a paranoid schizophrenic.

Like, there's just no other way to describe that shit.

The stuff she thinks and says now is like right out of the Twilight Zone.

Or like George Orwell.

It's a total bummer.

But she's also her good old self too.

Yesterday she told me that for me to get a puppy right now was shameful when I have…

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The Parkway show bought the dog! 

Last night at the sold out Parkway Theater show, the show where I opened for the Harold And Maude movie, I made enough money to buy the puppy I want.

Yes, I decided on a puppy.

I went back to see him yesterday and I was very impressed.

He is the last of a litter of Shitzu Poodles, which is exactly what Aidan was.

But these parents are larger than Aidan by quite a bit.

This little boy puppy has been living in a nice little situation with his Hispanic human parents who I now understand to be very kind and…

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puppies and my mom and a performance at 7pm this evening 

Yesterday we spent a lot of the day with my Mom and maybe that helped because she didn't call me last night.

I haven't called her this morning yet, so hopefully she's okay.

I also got a sudden urge to drive over to the Humane Society and look at the dogs.

I visited all of them, every single one, for at least a couple minutes, and then I decided to play with this one female puppy.

She's delightful, really a gem, but she isn't as hypo-allergenic as I'd like.

And they are charging $610 for her which seems so…

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my mom 

So my mom called me a lot last night...I was on the phone with her like once an hour all day yesterday and into the evening and then she just kept calling and by one-thirty in the morning she was calling in a panic, sobbing.

My mother has been like this my whole life.

She used to insist on coming in my bedroom and she would tell me really sick weird things were happening.

I thought the things she was telling me were true.

It's taken me my whole life to even begin to unravel what she told me from what is…

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Ely was great, but my mom isn't doing so well 

Ely was wonderful!

What a great town.

A hardscrabble sort of old town at the end of the road heading North.

After Ely, it's the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

You can take Highway One back out to the North shore of Lake Superior if you want to make the loop, but I don't know what Highway One is like in the winter.

The way I went was through Cloquet and Virginia like my family's done it for many many years, always with the destination of our old cabin on beautiful Lake Vermilion.

The cabin's been sold and…

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Acoustic Sunday Brunch in Ely 

Today from 11-2pm in Ely, Minnesota I'm going to play my black Martin for the brunch set.

Is there a brunch set in Ely?

I think there must be because a lot of people I ran into on the street in town yesterday said they'd be coming to this.

What a great community of people here.

You just have to be of a very strong constitution, and with a brave heart and soul, to live year round here.

It's colder in Ely than in much of Canada because it's in the middle of the continent of North America, and up pretty close…

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great times in Ely, Minnesota! 

Will wonders never cease?

I drove up to Ely yesterday and rolled in around two in the afternoon.

I had to carry all my PA system equipment and three guitars and boxes of books and t shirts and cds and vinyl records up some seriously steep stairs to the upper level of the coffeehouse venue where we were doing the Valentine's show.

But hey, it was good exercise and I got it done.

My knees are fine today.

I set everything up and I did a long and thorough sound check.

That's my key to success these days.


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