Ely was great, but my mom isn't doing so well 

Ely was wonderful!

What a great town.

A hardscrabble sort of old town at the end of the road heading North.

After Ely, it's the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

You can take Highway One back out to the North shore of Lake Superior if you want to make the loop, but I don't know what Highway One is like in the winter.

The way I went was through Cloquet and Virginia like my family's done it for many many years, always with the destination of our old cabin on beautiful Lake Vermilion.

The cabin's been sold and…

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Acoustic Sunday Brunch in Ely 

Today from 11-2pm in Ely, Minnesota I'm going to play my black Martin for the brunch set.

Is there a brunch set in Ely?

I think there must be because a lot of people I ran into on the street in town yesterday said they'd be coming to this.

What a great community of people here.

You just have to be of a very strong constitution, and with a brave heart and soul, to live year round here.

It's colder in Ely than in much of Canada because it's in the middle of the continent of North America, and up pretty close…

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great times in Ely, Minnesota! 

Will wonders never cease?

I drove up to Ely yesterday and rolled in around two in the afternoon.

I had to carry all my PA system equipment and three guitars and boxes of books and t shirts and cds and vinyl records up some seriously steep stairs to the upper level of the coffeehouse venue where we were doing the Valentine's show.

But hey, it was good exercise and I got it done.

My knees are fine today.

I set everything up and I did a long and thorough sound check.

That's my key to success these days.


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heading to Ely, MN -due North- this morning 

I'm heading due North and it's ten below here right now!

The good people of Ely are awaiting the fun and inspiration of my music concert tonight and I can't let them down!

I feel great.

It's about a five hour drive.

There hasn't been a snowfall for a few days so the roads should be clear.

I'm bringing a suitcase full of more or less performance clothes because I have the show tonight and a show again for Sunday brunch.

Both shows are at the adorable and very well run Northern Grounds.

Right on the main…

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My Birthday Today 

I was born on this day at eight in the morning in Madison, Wisconsin to a young married couple, Vaughn and Ron Dundon, she of Swedish decent and he Italian and German, both with parents who came over "on the boat" from their home countries.

I was nine and a half pounds and that was very unusual at that time, and my mother is a very slender woman, and she was mortified that her daughter was so big and chubby, when her son had only been eight pounds four years before.

The hospital gave her a plaque for…

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still looking for somebody to blame 

Yesterday I got the idea that it's all Rob's fault and that I should move out of his house because he's dragging me down.

I mean, it sounds funny now maybe but I was sure about this yesterday.

I got the idea after I asked him about my birthday and he said that he really doesn't have the money right now to cancel any clients and he has a client who wants to come in on my birthday afternoon and he's not sure for how long.

Nina and I had an idea about going to an early happy hour at the delicious place called…

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the water shut off notice will not get me down 

The water shut off notice is sitting by the door

and we got more bills than we can pay

But we've kept our freedom and I'm learning to love him

and not give in to dismay


There's nothing easy on the road to easy street

this path ain't paved with gold

but if you listen you'll hear the chimes of freedom sounding

and you will never have to sell your soul

no you won't

and you'll have all you need 'til you grow old


I got no pact with the Devil

He's got no dirt on me

I'm learning how to treat the ones I love

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fresh ideas for my birthday week 

This is my birthday week and I'm going to keep myself feeling great.


I wrote a different blog post this morning and then deleted it.

If you read it, I'm sorry for that.

I will be grateful, loving, and joyful.

And nothing else.

Grateful, loving, joyful.

Maybe there's nothing to write about here any more.

If I can't vent about my fears and beat myself up about my failures and pander to people's affections to take pity on me, what will I write about?

I have everything I need to move forward this…

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snowy day today, happy Sunday 

I'm going to drive the half hour to see my Mom today.

We're supposedly celebrating my birthday, the two of us, today.

We'll see how that goes.

She's not that nice, unfortunately, a lot of the time, especially when she's the one having to give in any way.

She likes to say that I'm not being good enough or nice enough and then she says she's changed her mind and she isn't going to give me the birthday money after all. Shit like that. It's always a bummer.

Hopefully this will go well today.

My brother chose to…

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yesterday was really rough but there's a lot to look forward to 


Yesterday I felt absolutely lousy.

I got myself booked for an awesome folk festival in Winter Harbor, Maine and got myself on as the artist of the week at their Maine area radio station for the time period when I'll be there. I even got a host family assigned by the arts center to give me a place to stay for the whole time I'm there. Okay, super duper. I'm going to play two additional smaller shows plus the farmer's market in Rockland which I've done several times. All good.

But I felt terrible after that…

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