Right now I'm kicking around about twenty songs.

There's a lot of good in that, but it would be better for me if I had even eight finished ones instead.


This way is the only way that's working so I don't have a choice.

I set out each day now to finish a song and memorize it.

Instead I end up chipping away at several promising pieces that are not going to finish themselves.

The ones that I find myself singing at random moments are the ones that have the promise, obviously.

When I pour over my pile of…

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I'm into newness, I always have been.

I'm inspired by change.

I've been asking everybody how they feel about the future of the world.

Many say they're very optimistic.

I agree with that.

If we planted enough trees all over the world right now and stopped some of our foolish practices we could turn the planet around.

If we follow through on our new insistence on liberty for ALL, we can save our societies and build better ones.

United we can work together to save the animals, save the coral reefs, save the…

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thunder this morning 

It's thundering at 7am this morning.

I guess the big bicycle ride around Lake Harriet isn't going to happen for me right now.

That's okay.

I've really been working hard on getting back my "bikini body", as one might say in a moment of optimism.

I have a bikini I've been wearing for at least ten years now, made of a woven Native American pattern cotton with decorative beads strung from the ties.

I love it so much, so much in fact, that I cannot allow my body to fall into a state of disrepair that would make…

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I need your help with my Patreon artist page 

I do need your help with my Patreon artist page.

I have three subscribers and they each give a nice donation each month to help me grow as an artist.

When my special edition covid19 unemployment runs out, I'm going to need all the help I can get to keep moving forward with my music.

The Patreon page is a tool for staying connected on a personal level with fans who are willing to also be patrons of my art.

I have five thousand followers on Facebook alone.

Google analytics tells me that a thousand people on…

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she jumped from the high bridge across the Mississippi 

Last night we went to have sushi, outdoors, proper distancing, very great set up.

My son and his girlfriend, Rob and me.

We went in one car and the sushi place is only a mile from our house, but you have to cross the high bridge over the great Mississippi to get there.

Minneapolis and ST. Paul are divided by that mighty river.

When we were returning home around eight, noting the beautiful sunset on a hot summer night, we saw the emergency vehicles on the bridge.

They say she was young and blonde.

They say…

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strange days indeed 

The weather in Minneapolis is unrelentingly hot.

I got up at six, drank coffee on the back deck until six-thirty.

I got dressed in long pale denim shorts to cover my thighs from sun while biking, and sandals.

I wore a long sleeved white western shirt with pearl snaps.

Log sleeved white is cooler than sleeveless anything.

I watered the front and back, plants of all kinds and the lawns as well.

I headed out on my bicycle and rode until 10:30.

I took Tobi for a two mile walk after that.

Now it's twelve-thirty…

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the future is bright 

I know there's a lot of strange sad shit happening, but I have a strong feeling that the future is bright.

If we humans can heed all the warnings that God and Mother Nature are throwing in our faces, we can reach new heights of happiness for all.

I believe this.

I had a dream last night and when I woke up around 7 am I said to myself, "Wait, what was that dream about? that was an important dream."

I answered myself, "Basically, everybody was getting everything they wanted."

In my dream we were all, I guess…

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avoid avoidant behaviors 

My oldest daughter sent me a spirit guide's warning for us all for this week....beware getting off track with eating or drinking too much or just too much distraction from your "real work".

I thought it was great that the spiritually oriented guide person thinks we all have "real work" to be doing.

We do.

I don't know what yours is but I sure as hell know what mine is.

The Holy Spirit doesn't come along and dump a bucket load of great song ideas in your lap only for you to squander them sitting around…

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small isolated gestures 

Small isolated gestures can win the day.

That's a description for doing arm exercises.

It's also a prescription for getting things done on a sweltering hot day...which today already promises to be.

It's also how the best things can develop.

My daughter Ava is back in Denver and she has a new business idea.

I would be a consultant in this new business of fixing up run down residential properties.

This may be contributing to gentrification, I don't know yet.

Maybe for every high end thing they do they could…

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in my dream 

In my dream I was driving two young women to reunite with their families, they were in my charge for some reason.

As we approached the area where they lived that was along a big lake or ocean, I couldn't tell but it was very big water, there were storms.

There were storms last night in Minneapolis in real life.

Thunder and lightning all night long.

I'm sure this had some affect on my mind's choice of dream topic.

We were getting close to the girls' destination, which I think was like a vacation place on the…

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