a new bikini 

After a fearful evening and nearly sleepless night in our neighborhood in Minneapolis, we have awakened to a brighter day.

I've been sitting here writing lyrics as fast and as well as I can for new songs.

Then I had a sudden fun thought.

I haven't bought a new bathing suit in about ten years, not kidding.

This summer I have the money to buy one, and I should have a nice one because I'm going to be on a lake several times this summer if all plans go forward.

So I just ordered me a bikini!

I have a wonderful…

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billowing smoke to the East and to the West 

Unbelievable to me that this rioting continues.

People are more and more saying that White Supremacists have come into our cities and are causing the damages to small businesses owned by Black people.

Unbelievable turn of events if it's true.

It sounds like it is true.

How hard is it to stop these people?

It must be much harder than I would have thought because there's billowing smoke to the East and to the West.

They've destroyed big important institutions like the post office and a bank.

Why can't The…

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billowing smoke in the early morning 

I'm up at five this morning, went down to make a coffee for myself, opened the back door like I always do to see the garden.

Billowing smoke from the businesses to the North a mile or two away, set fire the past two nights by evil doers.

Some say the police hired agent provocateurs, agent saboteurs, to come in and start the arson and looting.

Some say the police set off the firecrackers to make things seem more chaotic.

Some say the federal government has created the whole situation in our city with a…

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wade in the waters 

It's very difficult to talk or write or sing about social justice.

You can tip toe along and still step in the dog poop.

You can run and shout and ring the bell of freedom and still be criticized for your rhetoric and fall on your face.

All you have is your brain inside your head, your one heart beating, your two eyes that peer out in curiosity, in fear, in bravery, in love, in longing.

You can try to be completely and utterly inoffensive.

Like a stone you can stand in your place and be silent.

The trees…

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George Floyd's murder 

I can't move forward with my own life's joys and sorrows without first taking a position on this tragedy.

In my lifetime this is one of the worst things that has happened, mostly because I ride my bicycle past the place where the policeman killed George Floyd two nights ago, so for me this is the closest to home that hate crimes have come.

But the presence of this kind of evil has been with us all for ever. 

In Germany I have witnessed a culture that has worked hard to eradicate hate crimes.

There are still…

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New week, new fresh start 

I'm glad Rob and I didn't break up over the weekend.

I'm glad I'm not looking for a studio apartment right now.

I'm also glad I took time to take stock of what is worth keeping in the life I have with Rob.

I thought yesterday about how our relationship is better than the sum of it's parts.

If I moved out of this house, all the light and joy of the home goes with me.

Rob said that last night himself.

But as I used my imagination to picture myself trying to move forward with my dreams and schemes in a…

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we almost broke up yesterday 

Rob and I almost broke up yesterday.

We have our challenges as a couple.

In my three years of living with him these have been underscored.

I'm not going to talk about this in specifics because this is a matter of Rob's privacy too, but there are no dark secrets here.

Rob is a very loyal person and so am I.

Our hurts go to things like yesterday when Rob said he didn't like that I always put so many vegetables in my quiches.

He talked about the French classic Quiche Lorraine which is basically ham and onions…

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spring forward 

Spring forward and the way will open before you.

That's the general translation of a line from a Rumi poem.

I like it.

It means to me that you start doing what you feel called to do and the pieces will fall into place as they are meant to.

I have three things I want to do with the money I've saved up.

I saved up money from donations to my last few on line appearances.

My mother gave me $1000 to start a new bank account at her bank by her apartment, which was the nicest thing she's done for me maybe ever.

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We Could Be Pirates 

You know that's one of my favorite quotes:

"..from time to time we had the feeling that if we lived and if we were very good, God might permit us to be pirates.."

Mark Twain

Nothing could be more true and more to the point in my life.

I live for that sentiment, that one and my grandfather's quote from the cabin fireplace mantel 

"life is too short to be little"

These are the phrases, the slogans, the inspirations of my life.

I'm going to look for a storefront office in this neighborhood where Tobi and I can…

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starry night in Ely 

There are so many beautiful powder puffs of stars in the real night sky.

People in cities don't see them.

The powder puffs were hanging on strings outside my bedroom window in Ely, Minnesota last night.

The stars were so big and bright that they looked like a string of electric party lights hung outside my window.

Do you know about that?

What do we trade to live in the city that is better than those stars?


What is better than the clear blue water?

What do we trade that's better than the trees grown…

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