wrestling my life onto the right path

I am wrestling my life onto the straight and narrow path of righteousness.

Does that sound good or bad to you?

I think the truth is that the truth is righteousness.

Right thoughts, right words, right actions.

It is a narrow path.

The farther you stray the worse the repercussions.

I think that's true.

But the very weird part is that the very narrow path of righteousness provides an individual with the most freedom.

Freedom comes from walking the narrow path of the truth.

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" is a line from Sir Walter Scott's 1808 poem called Marmion.

The more bad things we think and say and do the bigger mess we make.

I wrote a whole bunch of songs for my last album addressing this topic in my own life.

Tons of lines in my album "High Priestess And The Renegade" refer to taking the fall, to making a mess, to being greedy or cruel or foolish.

I am not becoming a zealot.

I am not becoming tighter.

I'm feeling looser if anything, more relaxed, more joyous, more youthful, more fun loving.

It's not about abstaining from drinking wine, or abstaining from being a jerk.

It's about wanting to be fun, nice, happy, encouraging, loving, did I say fun?

The narrow path just means staying in your tiny little one person lane...your tiny little one person world where no one else walks but you.

I'm thinking about this as a musician in a "competitive" field of endeavor.

Looking over and seeing what the other singers and songwriters are doing is educational.

Looking over and trying to keep up with or be better than or be critical of the other people who are doing what you want to do is futile.

Envy spawns bad talk, criticizing others, judging their efforts.

I want everybody to succeed. I want to watch beautiful performances.

I don't enjoy watching bad performances and I don't revel in someone having a difficult time.

No human does, not really, not in their deepest heart.

We can be connected straight to our hearts and not circumvent our compassion with cynicism, sarcasm, bitterness, cruelty.

I'm setting out for Austin, Texas very soon.

I've played at their SXSW music convention twice before with my full band.

This year I'm waitlisted for solo performances on three different stages three different days.

Probably one at least will materialize.

But it doesn't really matter.

What matters is bringing my daughter down there, soaking in the glory and the pain of that spectacle.

I remember walking the main street late at night at the height of the festivities and seeing the middle of the street, which is blocked off from car traffic, littered an inch or two deep with the crushed CDs of all the hopeful bands who had come to Austin that week hoping to be discovered, handing out their free CDs that they worked so hard to get finished in time to bring them to Austin. The bazillion bands hand out their bazillions of free download cards and usb sticks and CDs and cassettes and vinyl 45s to every single person who will take one, and many nice people take them instead of saying "no thanks" to the hopeful bands, and then the overloaded and at least a little drunk revelers start unloading all those recordings onto the street because they don't really want to carry all that shit around and most of it is going to suck anyway and there is no fucking way in Hell that anyone will actually listen to all that to see if there's anything in there worth discovering. It ain't gonna happen. The garbage receptacles on the corners provided by the city of Austin are overflowing, so people just throw CDs down on the street and everybody walks over them all night and crushes them into the asphalt.

The struggle is real.

I'm going down there ten feet tall like I have each time I've gone.

I don't care whether I actually perform there.

I don't really care about the festival or conference part at all.

I am soaking up the world.

I am soaking up the Sun and the Moon.

I am soaking up the beautiful time with my daughter.

Then we hit Santa Fe and get to do two real shows.

Then we hit Denver and unite with Ava in time for her birthday, and we do two more real shows.

Right thoughts means love the people, all the people, in your mind in your heart.

Right words means lift up the other people, hold them up, help them fly.

Right actions means show up and smile.

I am learning to fly.

So are you.

So is Mankind.

So shall we.

Love to you today from Minnemeltingsnowta.

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