what's your goal

Sometimes when I work with people in the music industry they will start a meeting by asking, so what is your goal? Where is this all heading for you? What are you hoping to achieve? I used to always think to myself, "Why are you asking me this? Every singer/songwriter has the same goal. Everybody wants to be Bob Dylan, right? Why make me have to say it?"

Well, it turns out that everybody doesn't want to be Bob Dylan.

I am noticing what may seem entirely obvious to you but has not until recently been obvious to me, which is that everybody is different and everybody's vision of where their efforts are leading is different.

Last night I played on a bill of four songwriters.

Every time I do that I think I know what that will look like.

But in fact I am always surprised. Each human being, when laid plain upon the stage, comes up looking so unique.

Each person who performed last night was a walking Victorian length novel full of trials and tribulations, strengths and foibles, brave gestures and missteps.

It's beautiful and heartbreaking to watch someone stand alone at a microphone, guitar on a strap, strumming and singing their own compositions.

You see what they are hoping to be. You see it. And you see what is in their heart. You see it. And you see what they are, not what they may become, that is unknown to you and maybe to them as well. But you see where they are right then.

Everyone should do it. Write a song, strap on a guitar, go sing it on a stage someplace.

It's a great leveler. It's a great revelator. 

Here's me last night working at this craft:

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