Wednesday Residency is gone

My Wednesday residency is not happening this week.

The Underground Music Cafe has suddenly been sold.

New management may not keep the existing calendar of music going.

All quite uncertain.

But for me it's a strange thing.

I was told by more than one fan that playing there every week as I did through the Fall of 2018 maybe wasn't the best thing for my image.

I thought about it and I wrote about it here too.

Lately I'd been thinking I'd stick with it a while longer.

And now this!

Some things the Universe decides for you!

Maybe many things are decided for you every day.

I know there are people who say that if you wait long enough when responding to emails most of the problems will be cleared up by the time you go to respond, so you don't have to write nearly as many emails.

If you just go along, doing your best, and accept what Fate or God deal you, you may be able to lead a less stressful life.

For me, the question remains of how to deal with losing this weekly opportunity.

Well, for one thing, a new place called "The Finnish Bistro" has taken me for solo performances two nights in January and two in February. I was offered these shows when another musician suggested I play at this venue, and it just sort of worked out by magic, before I knew about the cancellation of the weekly residency.

This new place actually has a better infrastructure in place as far as booking and pay and just about everything else goes.

So, maybe I can have this be my new regular in town show and only do it every other week or so.

The good thing about a weekly show is it keeps me feeling connected to my voice, my equipment, my guitars, my stage life.

The bad thing about a gig at the same place every week is it may undercut my motivation to seek out more shows at a wider range of venues within driving distance of my home over the course of a month. It does, I'm sure.

So, good bye weekly show.

Hello more and better shows each month whether at home or on the road.

A New Year's Resolution made and done without my fighting for it or against it.


Oh wait, one more thing that's good about not doing a weekly residency. The weekly gig comes up on you pretty fast every week. I had the feeling sometimes that I couldn't get ahead of it enough to bring a different show each week, which was always my intention. There were fans who came to most of those shows, though, and I was told that each show did seem different. The weekly show took on the same vibe as my daily blog, so the shows were constantly morphing with the good news/bad news elements of my blog posts. I thought that was actually pretty cool. big huge thing.....if I wanted to play a new song about a certain always ended up being a cover tune because those are faster for me to learn and memorize. In spite of my desire to try out new songs of my own, I never did! Not once! The only reason being that the shows came up on me too quickly for me to finish writing and smoothing out the rough spots and then learning and then memorizing a new song of my own. It's true. So one additional goal for spreading out my shows is to have time in between to actually get a new song down. This is a big huge goal. Also, I used to not play out at all when I was writing a new album! I would start setting up shows again once the album was written, with a brand new set list of new songs, and I would play those with the band and solo until I really had them down and then I'd be working on the album in the studio simultaneously so that my voice would be good by the time we did the final vocal tracks. That is a very different way to work, to set up a songwriter's schedule, than what I am doing now. Now, I play a lot to make money, to bring goodness to people and to myself. The songwriting is right now biting at my heels because I know I need these new songs and they are on the tip of my tongue. I will have to write them now, start playing them bit by bit, bring them together until they feel like an album, keep playing them live as I go along, then figure out the best way to get them recorded as a new album. So exciting. So hopeful. So positive. I can do it. I can do it. Please Lord, give me all of this. Thank you Universe for this divine inspiration and a vision of how to move forward. This is the way the path reveals. It is only my job to obey.

Have a beautiful day. No matter the weather, the sun shines on you even through the clouds. Feel it's warmth.


Courtney Yasmineh January 04, 2019 @08:28 am
Thank you Cindy! There is a movement developing of the musicians who play at The Underground to convince the new owners to reinstate the schedule! We shall see!
Cindy January 03, 2019 @04:53 pm
We so enjoyed your weekly show at Underground. We tried to Make it into town from north of Forest Lake, sometimes just for The atmosphere there. But we know St. ANTHONY park will welcome you with open arms And I think that is where Finnish Bistro is anyway, right next to Bibelot!
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