vocal cords

Here's my vocal cords report.

I sang my first solo at the age of eight at the St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Park Ridge, Illinois during their Christmas Eve service. I sang from the balcony holding a battery lit candle and wearing a white choir robe. It's a big church, and it was standing room only.

I was not afraid. I couldn't wait to sing!

My mother was shocked and slightly horrified that she had a daughter who was, in her words, a show off. Ha!

My father wasn't horrified, he just didn't like organized religion and couldn't believe he was sitting in a pew. In protest, he kept his big Cuban cigar in his mouth throughout the service and when the ushers approached him he repeated, between gritted teeth, as I had seen him do so many times in so many places, "It's not lit."

Okay, so I didn't get a lot of encouragement from home about becoming a singer, but their encouragement never really mattered, I see this now. 

I cannot say that singing is my life any more than my hero Mister Dylan would say that about his long and illustrious career.

I would say that connecting with people and God over the singing of songs may be my life's work.

Now, adding the silence of the written word is also a great joy for me.

Thank God I like writing the silent word on the silent page, because it is saving my vocal cords.

Less talking, less singing, more communing with others. This is the balance my vocal cords need.

I lost my voice almost completely after forcing those last two shows of the recent Northwoods tour.

I could not cancel those shows although my voice had shut down almost completely due to a sudden onset of an upper respiratory infection. I barreled through and pushed my vocal cords, forced my vocal cords, to perform.

Well, that is not the way to have a singing career at any age.

I take a steroid inhaler daily for asthma. Asthma makes you hoarse sort of anyway. Get bronchitis, get short of breath, keep singing, lose your voice.

We are recording the final vocals this week for my wonderful old time cover tunes album.

So far Rob says we don't have any final takes because my voice is like eighty percent.

That last twenty percent is the stuff of greatness when it comes to recorded vocals.

The question is whether to shoot the wad on the antibiotics, which I had to use in March of this year on tour as well.

So, this would be a second round in the same year, and that's to be avoided.

Also, it means that if I get sick on this upcoming Europe tour of three weeks, I don't have the fall back option of antibiotics.

The other option in the asthmatic singer's bag of tricks is Prednisone. This stuff makes you feel great and terrible all at the same time. But it can really help get things shaped up fast.

I'm going to go with the small dose of Prednisone now and save the antibiotic for a real disaster like a high fever...which let's just pray never happens at all, to any of us. 

So, that's the vocal cord report.

Lots of vitamin C, lots of herbal tea and honey, lemon juice, gargling with warm salt water (delicious, no).

Singing scales in four octaves at the piano, carefully, gingerly even.



Gotta knock this out of the park, and soon.

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