typing up lots of songs for new band guys!

For my show June 21st in Northfield I'll be playing with two musicians I've never played with before!

So exciting!

So much fun!

After two years of mostly solo and duo shows, playing as a band sounds like a blast!

The thing about a band, especially when it's all men and me, is that there's so much horsepower that I'm not having to generate.

If the band is good, it's pretty darn exhilarating!

So this week I'm typing up many of my songs, probably fifteen, plus another ten of the songs from the new cover tunes album.

I love seeing my songs again on paper. I think they look good. I'm proud of them. I'm picking the best ones of course to teach the new guys.

We'll see how this goes.

If it's really fun, there may be more band shows in the near future.

We've for sure got the trio with Rob G and JJ for Europe at the end of September!

I feel really positive about all of it today.

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