tour in March

I have been quietly hoping for miracles regarding a tour in the US in March.

Well, half the miracles have come in now.

I have Santa Fe, Denver, and Boulder booked.

I am wait listed for a solo showcase in Austin, TX during SXSW.

I still want to put one more thing on the calendar for Nashville.

My daughter Nina is going to be home during this time and she is willing to go with me and take videos and photos for promotional use and also she's going to play her own music on acoustic guitar for a short set during each show!

This is a whole new wonderful development.

Nina has never toured and we have never played shows together.

Fans ask me about the two of us working together and in the past I think she really didn't want to be affected by her mother's music too much.

But now she's considering helping Rob and me produce my next album, and she's going to play at these shows!

I still would love to approach the Mini Cooper guys about sponsoring this tour by lending us a car and letting us promote th tour as sponsored artists by their brand.

I am going to try this week with them.

Lastly, I have an idea about setting up a Go Fund Me campaign for maybe $2000 to ask fans to help us make it to Austin and beyond for hotels, gas, and food. Nina would ideally get a bit of the show money for opening too.

Last time I did a funding campaign the tax people made me pay income tax on the whole amount because it was for the purpose of funding an album and making albums in my case is a full time career.

This time I'm going to make it on my birthday and if people write happy birthday in the note for their donation, I can truly call these funds a gift.

So, I think that's going to happen here in the next day or so, if you're so inclined.

Austin here we come!

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