tour dates shifting in my favor

Okay, for this blog post you have to look at the accompanying photo first.

I bought myself a new songwriting journal...which is always a momentous occasion because it is the first harbinger of a new album in the works. 

But look at the photo and see what I picked out!


The funniest journal cover ever!

In the spirit of my new journal, I cancelled my March tour to Europe yesterday!

How awesome is that?

I was getting worried. I was feeling overwhelmed. I was already disappointed in a tour that was still months away.

Fuck this shit, she said.

I want the next tour to be with a full band.

I need time to make that happen in a lucrative and exciting way.

I already had a plan for a September 2019 Europe tour and I already had a couple of anchor venues on board for that.

The writing was on the wall...or on the journal cover.....

The next Europe tour will be with my full band!

I couldn't be happier.

I want to book Scandinavia and also France and Italy.

I want to go back to the UK and Ireland.

I want to take my band in a van and revisit the East Coast USA and the West Coast USA.

Let's get this party started!

I need time, and now I have given myself time.

I watched No Direction Home two nights ago and I watched Bob Dylan's freedom.

I observed him using his wisdom not to be arrogant, not to be greedy, but to be free.

He was writing all the time. Writing prose. Drawing. 

He obviously was making shrewd business deals as well.

I am inspired by all of that about him.

It just makes sense to me.

And when I bought my new journal yesterday I somehow felt that the cover sentiment sums up the way Bob Dylan moved through the world....witness the story of how he spoke when those people tried to give him that stodgy old the movie and you'll know what I'm talking about...they tried to give him an award that he felt boxed him in see it in the he gave a fuck this shit speech to them...and he lived happily ever after.

Well I don't know if Mister Dylan is in happily ever after land or not, but it sure looks pretty good from my vantage point.


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