tour begins this morning!

Here we go, and God help us.

Thank you to you for your support on this journey.

If you're reading this you either care or are curious enough to take a few minutes, and I thank you.

My analytics reports for my website say that one thousand unique visitors spend about three minutes per visit per month right now on my blog. 

So, a thousand people are checking it out at least once a month.

Many are repeat visitors, some visit daily.

I'm grateful.

That report, when I started the daily blog a year ago, used to say that seven or ten or maybe twenty unique visitors checked out my website and then usually only for about thirty seconds.

Big results in a year.

Of course, the goal is not to have a well visited website, the goal is to be better connected and have a sense of support and encouragement from a fanbase that wants what I have to offer.

Going out into the world and meeting new people face to face is as big, and a much bigger, way to build a fanbase than writing a daily blog from the comfort of Rob's living room in Minnesnowta.

So, out into the world I go.

Today I leave in my Jeep, not on an airplane and not in a rental car.

My Jeep just got a clean bill of health from the mechanic I have brought it to since I bought it ten years ago.

It has 111,000 miles of wear on it so far.

This tour will add another three thousand over two weeks time.

I love my car and I believe it'll do okay.

I bring with me my trusty Guyatone guitar that has been having trouble with it's volume knob.

I hope it will continue to be okay throughout the tour as well.

I bring my little Taylor GSMini which is reliable and the newest of my guitars, but has a pretty small sound, as some of you know who've heard me play it live.

I also have the Black Martin, of fabled backstory, the guitar that was a gift from Rob and then I sold it needing cash and then the person I sold it to let me have it back for free two years later...thanks Zac.

The Black Martin, which sounds like a bird name, is always a risky guitar because the bridge is glued and can come unglued which could cause injury to a player. But I take my chances with it because it looks cool and it sounds cool.

A far as clothes, I'm taking some very Seventies vibe stuff with my rust colored cape with the shearling collar that many of you have seen before.

The new additions are a badass pair of black platform zipper boots with brown wood soles and deep tread bottoms. Those boots plus a guitar will make any outfit cool.

I have my Bob Dylan t shirt with me and a silky slip dress in rust that I think will be cool for the shows.

Okay, the clothes are good.

Merchandise is all set in a rolling suitcase, with plenty of my Sidney book and plenty of a wide variety of my CDs and vinyl.

I have six small handmade books done now..brand new titles....and I have a pile of blank ones to keep making them on the road.

It'll be cool to make new ones that say "written in Santa Fe, New Mexico" and stuff like that. Priceless. Honestly those little one of a kind books are really sweet. I am so proud of them and I'm so into making them.

Last but not at all least, the most important piece of this puzzle is Nina my daughter coming along.

Nina will be filming and documenting and helping drive.

Nina will also be playing her own new songs on acoustic guitar at the shows.

I really think it's going to be beautiful.

Money is not my rival now, it's my ally, it's my friend and trusted companion.

I played as many shows as I could last month to get my bills in order and save up some money for this tour.

I launched a gofundme campaign to help us make a small budget of $120-150 a day for gas, food, lodging.

We will have to stay at some kind of Motel 6 type place each night.

For Austin, we may be staying a couple hours from the city center in order to find an affordable room for the night.

I am still hoping for miracles along the way.

Our gofundme campaign has gone over the half way mark which is very positive.

I think we could still make the goal if I am vigilant about sharing our daily travels on social media.

The money we have so far is enough to get us for sure through Austin.

It could get us to Santa Fe if all goes smoothly.

We have two shows in Santa Fe and I pray they will be well attended, that we will play well, and that people will buy my merchandise.

If we can finish the goal of the gofundme, we can surely make it to Denver and Boulder for those two shows as well.

We arrive in Denver on my daughter Ava's birthday!

That's been part of the plan and a big goal we had all along.

I'm praying for that to happen.

Two good shows in Denver and Boulder, and then we head home.

Hopefully we will bring back footage for music videos for my new album and for Nina's new EP she's working on.

We both want beautiful road trip footage of us singing our new songs, so we're going to try to do that for each other along the way.

So, this is the plan.

Let it be so.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you from the depths of my soul.

I have no choice but to go forward and do what I've set out to do.

God help me.

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