too much time on my hands

Wow, now that I have finished the manuscript for my second novel, which took me less than a year to complete, I have a lot of new time on my hands!

I didn't realize how much of a drain it adds to your daily life when every waking moment there is a big project hanging over your head that you should be working on.

Damn does it feel good to have that off my to do list! 

I walked around yesterday feeling untethered.

But it's not so much untethered.

It's more like I have been dragging the anchor of my little tugboat and suddenly I pulled up the anchor and can go so much faster with so much less effort!


I think too that sitting around writing a book also takes all that time away from doing things like booking gigs and playing gigs which actually bring in money.

Also, all of my jogging, walking, bicycle riding brain time has been devoted to the finishing of the novel as well, which means I wasn't generating new ideas in the realm of planning tours or writing songs.

Also, I want to make some new music videos for my new album!

This has to happen asap.

Money is always a factor in making music videos and I think I may return to my page and think about setting up a new fundraiser to make three music videos for the new album. The music videos I have done for my songs have really been my very best way of promoting my music besides being there in person putting on a show.

Music videos!!!!!

In the meantime, here is the porch this morning in a rain storm. I was out at 6am. I don't need to get up this early now that the book is done.

But of course it's a four book series so I might as well keep the habit going because I will have to start book three some day soon.

Don't think about it!!! Too soon!

I'll probably start it in the Fall.

Once the music videos are done!


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