tomorrow night's show

I really need tomorrow night's show to be great.

I want to add in my old time cover tunes because we may have to re-record the vocals at least if not my guitars and vocals for the cover tunes album pretty soon now....if the hard drive recordings are not retrievable...which we will know in a day or two.

That's a long story if you're new to this blog, but the basic thing was that last summer I recorded ten or twelve songs written by songwriters I love and was inspired by as a young girl.

The recordings were lost when Rob Genadek had a big system crash at his studio just before my mixes were done. If the crash had been even one or two days later, I would have had copies of all the mixes on my own computer and the work would have all been saved.

Well, then being the full time artists we are, there was no money to pay for the damaged hard drive to be analyzed by experts to see if the recordings could be retrieved.

One of our favorite patrons and promoters stepped in and offered to help get this cover tunes album back on track..literally.

Today is the first day that Rob will be studying the results sent back from the experts to see if my recordings will be usable or if we will have to begin again.

I am happy either way as long as we get to put this album of songs out in 2019.

I think it will be very helpful for my fans or would be fans to hear my renditions of these songs that I didn't write but that have shaped my subconscious and conscious ideas of what constitutes a good song.

I like the idea of putting my voice out as not a songwriter but a singer of songs.

It will be a test of whether my vocal delivery and sense of arranging have meaning to people beyond my more personal message in a bottle style songwriter albums I've made so far.

I'm really excited about the project.

Also, people so often ask me if the cover songs I sing are available at my merch table on my various albums, and up until now the answer is always a disappointing "no".

So, if I have to sing them again, it will be soon and it has to be great.

And, tomorrow night is a good show to really revive and renew and reprise this collection of songs.

I hope if you're near enough you'll come join the concert tomorrow night.



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