Today is 100% Positive


Today is 100% positive!

I'm going to the University of St. Thomas this morning to be a featured artist for a music business class.

They are graduating seniors in the music department, specifically studying the current lay of the land in the popular music industry.

I'm excited to hear their presentation about my work.

Their goal was to study an artist in the Twin Cities who has a lot of promising things going on but who wants to succeed at a higher level and to give that artist a business plan for how best to move forward.

In light of my recent great reviews for "High Priestess And The Renegade", I am very encouraged and very motivated.

I welcome all of their input today!

Tonight I am having dinner with a friend who I originally met here in Minneapolis, but when she and her husband moved to NYC I helped them find their first apartment and our times together in NYC have been some of my favorite memories.

Tonight we'll have dinner at a restaurant I love that has just changed ownership, and because my friend is a food expert, truly, I will have a wonderful time getting her critique of the new management.

All in all a truly positive day.



Courtney May 14, 2018 @09:21 am
Josephine, thank you so much for the support for my blog and for my music! I really appreciate you.
Josephine Lane May 10, 2018 @10:22 am
Today is a new day, a new adventure. Courtney, it sounds like a great adventure for you today. Have you written a business plan? I need to write one for a business adventure.
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