three long shows this weekend and loving it

I have had two long shows this weekend so far, and one more to go tonight.

The first was the Finnish Bistro, and I felt a little rusty after not playing a show in about a week.

Plus there was a near blizzard that day so the turn out was sparse.

Last night I drove to Northfield, Minnesnowta and played a three and a half hour show with just one ten minute break.

There were listeners, plenty of listeners, the entire time, so I just kept going.

It was fun, it was uplifting, it was affirming.

Tonight I play at 10,000 Drops Distillery in Faribault, another town about an hour from Minneapolis.

It's a three hour show too.

These shows remind me of what my entire body of work looks like.

I can't just skim the cream from the top and play ten great songs and get off the stage.

I have to really dig deep.

I always end up realizing that I don't like all of the songs I've written.

I also end up realizing that I don't like all the songs Bob Dylan has written either.


I'm grateful to have the best songs of other songwriters to use to round out my sets.

I end up just playing lots of songs I love, mine or not, and it feels great.

See you tonight if you can make it to Faribault!

If you can't, take a look at my calendar because I have a lot of good shows this year coming together and many are with the duo or trio or full band!

See you at a show!

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